Wingspan players wanted

Figured I’d start a thread to organize Wingspan games. I’m going to keep a list of players and their usernames in this post, too, since the app has no friends list.

Players (username matches SP name unless otherwise noted)
@JMH.75 (username JMH75)
@whovian223 (username whovian)

JS619 here.

It seems that it doesn’t have cross platform Steam -> iOS play, as there’s no mechanism for logging in with an existing username.

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Yeah, essentially it’s cross-platform in that you can play any opponent on any system, it it’s not cross-platform for the user themselves to be able to play on any system simultaneously

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JMH75 here, so without the dot

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Feederofgoats in game!

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I set up two 3p games, one with @Hardco and @js619, one with @JMH.75 and @feederofgoats.

If you’re interested in joining games, just post here or set one up with people from the list.

Looks like the game auto kicks you if you don’t take your turn within the time limit

Yes it does.

I’ve only played 2-player, so in our games, the game just ended.

I’m whovian (no 223 since that’s my name on Steam).

Would love to get into a game!

I’ll gladly play you–I’m all about learning through playing way too many games at once. Wanna stick with a 2P game, or does anyone else want in?

I’ll play another if you want to go 3p.

Cool! Set one up with both of you. Are notifications working?

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I think banners are working, badges aren’t.

I’m also open for another one

It looks like someone timed out in both of the games.

I wasn’t sure if it was you or @geigerm. I guess it was not you! :slight_smile:

Let me know, both of you, if you want me to set up another one.

Yeah, I still don’t have any games going.

I’d definitely play another one.

Are notifications reliable, and how long are turn timers? I am on vacation but could probably manage a game.

I don’t know about notifications, but 24 hours for “friends” async games is the timer. 72 hours for random async games (which makes no sense to me but whatever)