What are you playing?


I don’t know, I think you should try it again. My impression of the tutorials was not that you will afterward get the game at a “strategic level” but quite the opposite. Strategic (or really, I guess, operational) thinking will only come from repeated play. The tutorials dig way (too far, in some cases) into the nuts and bolts of things. It’s good to be introduced to the concepts, but you definitely don’t need to know everything they teach to get started. Planes go up, ships go down, you can’t explain that.


Oh man. CBG is treating you guys the same way? And I thought it was just me not being able to cope with something seemingly a touch more ‘cerebral’. I shall now go back and stick with it. Thanks for letting me share :slight_smile:


I’m a big fan of Steamworld Heist; it’s one of the few games I’ve forked out for on both iOS and Steam, and certainly one of the very very few I’ve played through to completion on both platforms (all three, I think, since I’ve played it on both phone and iPad). Definitely recommended.


I also highly recommend Steamworld Heist … attractive and great characterful tactical turn based shooting fun.


Oh good, it’s not just me. I’ve played through most of the tutorials and completely failed to internalise it. I’ll go with @Kolbex’s suggestion to just play and see what happens.


Anyone have any opinions on The Witcher 3? It doesn’t seem entirely up my alley as open worlds often fail to grab my interest and I’m not totally into all the grim dark fantasy, but it’s gotten great reviews and is on sale for both my PS4 and PC.


Well, I may be biased (high (really high) pain tolerance for Open World games) but it is really a good game IF you know the backstory. Many people want to jump directly in, and there is sure the option to do it (some past plot details are revealed at start of game) but to get the whole package I would recommend playing the old games first…or at least Witcher 2 if you cannot stomach the old look and clunkiness of W1.

That said I haven’t finished it yet. It is truly a MASSIVE game and even comparing it to other gargantuan OW games it is massive.

Oh, and I have it on PS4. I like playing it on the big screen more than back in the day finishing W1/2 on pc. The PC version may be more graphical pleasing but there is not that much lost on console.
The differences between W2 PC and Console version were greater imho (got W2 free for Xbox 360 but still played it on PC since the XBOX is almost never on (#TeamSony)

IF Story / Lore and exposition is your thing then go for it. If action gameplay / high review scores are the only motivation and time is an issue then skip it


Witcher 3 is enormous, just as @Private_Prinny describes. It’s way too much for me, honestly, though I also felt that way about Witcher 2. But the graphics are big step up in W3, and that was my main incentive to try it. At this point in my life, I just don’t think I can do epic games, but if you’ve got the time, then it’s high quality to be sure. I am much more interested in Thronebreaker: Witcher Tales, personally, though I know it doesn’t scratch the same itch.

As an aside, for JRPG fans, Steam is having a huge Square/Enix sale this weekend. It makes me half tempted to play through FF7 again : ) But no–must show restraint!


Almost finished fire emblem conquest on the 3ds.

Then I have two SMT games I am 3/4 of the way through. Aiming to clock those three games before end of March!


I have just started on The Witcher 3 having loved the earlier two games. The comments above apply … I started on what seemed to be a relatively routine trip into a dungeon and it opened up and just kept on going. If I had not had weapon repair kits I could not have made it all the way through. Thought and preparation are needed for combat - but there is a light mode if you want to focus on just the storytelling and the great atmosphere.

When playing The Witcher 2 I needed a break/change after the first two acts and only resumed after the best part of two years (so many other games). So given the reported size of TW3 I might still be playing it in five years’ time …


Currently playing trough FF Fates Birthright->Conquest->Revelation, do you plan to do the Hoshidan Side (Birthright) or the DLC only neutral path (Revelation) as well?


I can borrow those versions from my brother, but unlikely. The characters didn’t really grow on me that much, but I can see how they could.

Looking forward to Switch version coming out around June/july


I played through the two factions (Birthright and Conquest) but have not tried the neutral path yet. But it’s on my list : ) There are enough characters that I like that I do want to try the third path.


Problem with the new games is all-that-shipping…should probably not bother with it but damn I am a sucker for the Support conversations and the more the better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really look forward to Fire Emblem Echoes…back to simpler times (the GBA FEs were the best imho)


Are you adressing both sides or the Hoshidan side only? I am not too fond of the Nohrian Nobles so I may have a harder time playing trough Conquest…I do hope the story/exposition is more than worth it.

Another thing I don’t look forward to is doing castle management again. I may be an overly conservative grumpy idiot but THAT is an addition to the series I can do without…


I also found the castle management irritating. It was marginally interesting at first, and then it just became tedious.

Conquest is also good, just different. There are a lot of dynamic personalities, and you see other sides to the characters. There’s a lot of sniping and infighting, which is amusing at times. The rebels are portrayed as somewhat aggressive and base. It’s interesting, and I enjoyed it well enough.

Relatedly, the upcoming FE Switch game has a special “Warfare” edition that one can pre-order:


So FE:3H releases 26 July 2019.
Ok…so countdown to finally buy a Switch 150 days from now…

I really hoped to hear news of the redesigned Switch by then (nearly all my gaming hardware purchases were second gen versions and I was usually very fond of them (PS3 Slim, PS4 Pro, DS XL, new3DS XL, XBOX 360 and PSP as well)
On second thought I jumped on the iDevice Bandwagon late as well (iPhone 4, iPad 3rd gen, google Nexus 7 2nd gen)…my personality seems to work that way that I always crave for the next big shiney thing but wait until it has proven its worth somewhat ^^

So I hope for a release of 2nd Gen Switch by FE:3H release date but that seems a bit unlikely currently…


I ended up avoiding the castle stuff. I didn’t really have enough gold to buy/upgrade with Anyways.

Also, I married the wrong guy, Niles. Dude is as useful as tits on a bull. Literally all I use him for is to support someone else. His strength is lower than Kaze!

On the last last mission now.

MVPs so far have been Mozu + Keaton + their daughter. And Arthur/Effie combo.


Imho the one good (?) thing about the Nohrian side…it has a lot of cameo characters from FE: Awakening in it.
I really despise the Nohrian royal children quartett…even more than the Hoshidan one.

Well, I’ll see if I can look past that when I play them in combat.

Currently supporting the heck out of my Hoshidans to build the most uselecough AWESOME Air force ever seen in an FE game. I always favor mobility and speed over other stuff (much to the detriment of my health and blood pressure) so let’s see how ridiculous of a winged Brigade I can build :slight_smile:


So vulnerable to archers, though! I like the huge range riders have, but they need a lot of levels/buffs before I feel like I can actually use them.