What are you playing?


I scored 2 the other day. 2.


TouchArcade has a headline about it with tips on “how to play longer for free.” I don’t play games that put actual gameplay behind timers or resources anymore.


Well, I suppose… I have played for 13 hours over 4 days and I am yet to run out of stamina that I couldn’t refill with my own resources.

Not spending their gems on summons but simply on stamina refills as required.

Level 23 and seems solid. Way too many systems to max them


I’m looking for opinions on Battle for Wesnoth. I know it’s been around for a while but I’ve never given it a go. I may pick it up for a mobile device at some point.


It’s good, but certainly a throwback to the 90s. Not just graphically, but in terms of the feel of the story and gameplay as well. I don’t mind that at all, but I know some do. And it does have a LOT of game for the money, to be sure, and the writing is solid for the typical fantasy trope stuff. The way it plays and the various races and whatnot remind me of the old Age of Wonders game, if you remember that.

I’ve had the game on my ipad for years now, though I rarely play it anymore–cult of the new and less time have sort of marginalized a lot of good older games. Knowing what other stuff you like, I’m sure you’d like it, but you wouldn’t utterly love it. It just doesn’t have the tactical variance of more recent games (IMO), though the battles are not short by any means, once you get past the first few. Of course, that adds to the sense of accomplishment, right? : )


I did most of the campaigns. It’s a pretty good old-school SRPG, kinda Fire Emblem/Shining Force in its feel. Using the different factions in various campaigns has an interesting and varied feel. Assuming you like managing funds and terrain bonuses, it’s worthwhile. And certainly to get a lot for the money; each campaign takes hours, and there’s more than a dozen of various lengths in the game.


I adore Age of Wonders, so you couldn’t have given it a more glowing comparison.


I finally got around to looking at Carrier Battles: Guadalcanal on iOS. I was overwhelmed after about 30 seconds. I really want to learn the game, but my brain might not be up for that type of wargame. I’m kind of hoping it is one of those things that I struggle with at first but then clicks after a bit. There is just so much information on the chits that I feel like I need to remember.


I eventually felt like I could play, and understood what things did, pretty much. Where I never got, and what left me feeling like hex-and-counter games just aren’t legible for me, was a way to comprehend everything going on in a way which let me use some more abstract concepts. I need more hand-holding than the game was giving me, because, while I knew that scheduling take-off and landing was crucial, all I had to work with on that was the moment-to-moment tactical choices. I couldn’t connect it up with a coherent strategy, because I never really grasped how my low-level choices would affect that.

My guess is that it benefits greatly from a pre-existing understanding of the issues associated with WWII carrier warfare decision-making. I needed that intermediate conceptual layer to make sense of events in the game, and I was going in too blind, I think.


Glad to read your and @Mirefox’s post on CB:G - I’ve had my eye on it for a while but never pulled the trigger, as I’m not great at hex and counter either. Nice to see I (probably) made the right choice haha


Did you do all the tutorials? They’re very bite-sized.


I haven’t finished them all. I’m going to give everything another go, though. I don’t know what it is but war games just melt my brain and I really don’t click with them as much as I want to.


I think I funded the PC version on KS. It’ll be interesting to see how I do, as I have a grasp on CAP, turnaround scheduling for flights etc. I suspect I will get slaughtered.


I haven’t even gotten to wrestling with strategy/tactics yet as I’m just struggling to read a chit. It’s funny; I can play a card game like Magic with numbers and text all over the cards, it show me a chit with a plane and 4-6 different numbers and it’s all Greek to me. My hopes are that all that information some day makes sense and I can then focus on the bigger picture.


Does anyone have any opinions on Wayward Souls and/or Steamworld Heist? Today is my “load up the phone with a bunch of new things for vacation” day, and those are on my shortlist among many other games.


No idea about Steamworld Heist but I am still a fan of Wayward Souls.

Wayward Souls is unfortunately STILL waiting for the promised seventh Class (Paladin) update since the company pretty much moved on to PC. :disappointed_relieved:

However, the package which is already there is tremendously fun if you like rogue-likes, awesome sprite-graphics and Nintendo-hard difficulty (well Gold and above dungeons, Bronze is manageable at least).

I cooled down a bit on my mobile gaming but I am still booting up Wayward Souls once or twice a month for a quick romp to get some gold to invest in the permanent passives of my favorite classes.


Have you actually played any scenarios? I wouldn’t worry too much about reading the chits and optimizing tactics yet. Just send out some recon planes, then some big waves of bombers and see if you can sink something. Then get sunk because you didn’t leave anything behind for a CAP, load up the scenario and do it again.


No. I’ll give one a shot this weekend.


There is actually at least one simplified playable scenario in the tutorials, so you should try to unlock it (although I think you can tell the game to just unlock everything? Never done it).


That was the thing for me. The tutorials were so comprehensive that I felt like, if I didn’t click with CBG, I was unlikely ever to click with the genre. Which is awesome! There are tons of hex-and-counter games I could have been lusting after, and now am not. If, even having been walked through so much about the game, I still wasn’t able to get it at a strategic level, I’m being shown my limits.