What are you playing?


Wow, wonderful this is os good that they are obsessed with games.


I don’t think the snark is warranted here. I was responding to Mirefox and echoing his language. It seemed like we were having a similar experience with our kids and these toys. My wife and I didn’t buy these, so were we supposed to tell him he couldn’t have the gifts? When his peer group trades these around? It’s better to let this run its course because the novelty will wear off eventually.

The thing I wanted to share was I was able to demonstrate to my son that we could craft something in Grandpa’s garage instead of buying another playset for $40+.


I just grabbed Subnautica based on the recommendations here. A quick question, though: do you guys prefer to play with hunger and thirst? I’m going to start that way but I fear it might take away from what I’m most interested I. - exploration and discovery.


Ugh, this is a tough question. At first it was a big pain in my ass. Now it’s a much lesser pain in my ass. I sometimes wish I hadn’t turned it on, but becoming self-sufficient was a major milestone and brought its own sense of satisfaction. It often seems like busywork (the real limiting factor that adds to the tension is oxygen), but I always have the choice to turn it off by console commands or file edits, and I haven’t done that yet, so. I will say if you plan on couch playing it with a controller, I would turn off hunger/thirst, because catching fish with the controller controls in the beginning is insanely frustrating thanks to the small reticle, and the default control mapping is unusable for the purpose because it requires you to take your thumb from the right stick to press a button, and the (scared) fish has inevitably left the center of your view in that split second. I ran back to keyboard and mouse after a half hour of that ball-crushing whack-a-mole.


I just played for about 20 minutes and died of thirst. I had no idea how to get water, though. I’m on a PS4, for what it’s worth.

I’m also already enchanted. What a great first impression to a game I’ve heard only great things about.


I guess this game isn’t made for idiots; about 2 minutes into a new game, I dove to explore the caves below me. After picking something up off the sea floor, my PDA told me it had a theory. Brilliantly, I decided to read my PDA there in the caves under water and had no way of getting to the surface when I realized that reading does, indeed, require breathing…



You know how to make water now? Your PDA’s recipes will drive most of the advancement in the game, so look there if you’re ever not sure what to do with yourself. The game gives you SO little advice that the two pieces of “tutorial” text that pop up are almost hysterical in how useless they are for getting started.


I like that about the game, though. The whole concept is that you are stranded on a completely alien world, so it makes sense that there isn’t anything holding your hand and saying “this is how you make water.” And yes, I discovered it by pure dumb luck but that felt like a milestone in and of itself!



@LindaDutton has been indefinitely suspended. I was trying to give the account some rope to figure out what the scam was, because posts from it seemed decidedly non-Stately. @TannerHendrickson spotted the links to shady key resellers.


Honestly seemed like a bot to me, but with just enough plausibility I didn’t feel comfortable making the accusation.



Geez, I go away for a couple weeks and all hell breaks loose…


Hey, at least the site is big enough that it actually attracted a bot.

Isn’t that a great sign? :slight_smile:


I’m preparing myself via fasting and meditation for this tomorrow.

I probably won’t be able to afford the game when it comes out (I don’t even own a telly yet, just moved house) so I must make the most of this. I must not orgasm too soon.


I remember playing the original Resident Evil when it first released. I enjoyed it. I know that I played more after that, so perhaps I played 2, maybe 3…who knows. The series spurred my interest in survival horror and I also remember playing Dino Crisis and Parasite Eve (if that counts) and more recently, Dead Space. Years ago, I remember a RE game releasing on the Wii and I was less enthusiastic about it. I don’t think I’ve played anything in the series since.

You seem to be excited; is the series that good? Is it worth revisiting? Have you played the Resident Evil 1 HD remake? I think I have that on Playstation 4.


I played 1, 2, and 3 so much I went back to them recently after not playing them for more than a decade and could navigate the games without referring to the map. I couldn’t tell you where anything is, but I knew where all the items were, even the hidden ones, where to go in what order, and how to fight the enemies efficiently.

The HD remake is good. The series went badly awry as it went on; 4 was a fun game but a change to pure action and really upped the nonsense in an already-silly series. 5 was crap, 6 was a joke. I’m hoping this is a return to actual horror form.


I like the survival horror where exploration and puzzle solving is as important to the game as fighting whatever horror the game throws at you. I think I remember the original RE games doing that well.


From what I’ve seen, the door loading screens are gone, so it’s more or less one big contiguous environment. Some enemies will follow you for a little while, some will really hunt you. No safe rooms. So being smart about exploration and running will be just as important as fighting. Not seen much of the puzzles yet.


Leon “I got told not to come in to work so I came in anyway” Kennedy.

Enjoy me definitely not missing some absolute sitters. The demo is very promising.