Welcome to Castle Memelot, and the Round Table of Bullshit and Knives

As I’ve been forcibly evicted from the lounge, I thought I would stash the nonsense that amuses me here.

Inspired by this story:

All I could think of was:


Why were you not able to post there? Because you were the only one who was?

It’s no longer visible to me any more!

Weird. I still see it.

I can’t even see the lounge any more.

I don’t even know what the Lounge is, so you’re still one up on me.


I’m a knife fan.


Big Benchmade fan here.


Spyderho, checking in.

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I love both and have a tenacious with me at all times even though it is not my best knife or even my best Spyderco.

I’ve also been carrying a Fox 599 karambit when I go into the city but I’m still learning how to deploy it safely.

My wife truly doesn’t understand my obsession with collecting knives but there is honestly a beauty and artistry in the industry that many people don’t notice.

And I want that matriarch!

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I’m fortunate (my wallet would debate the use of that term) to be able to purchase and possess automatic knives - will send some pics as soon as I can.

Benchmade AFO II automatic on the left, automatic OTF Infidel on the right. Both daily carries at work and showing their wear and tear…

I’d love to replace the AFO II with something but can’t find anything comparable.


/lip bite

Would love an OTF.

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It’s VERY cool. Not a practical knife in terms of cutting things, but that’s not its intention. I like that I can operate it ambidextrously and the dagger style is useful for stabby stuff.

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That’s why I haven’t bought that matriarch yet - not practical for edc.

Do you like the tanto on the AFO? I’ve never been a fan of that point except on my more novelty Japanese-style knives.

When I bought it, it was the only option. I much prefer a drop point, tbh. As you say, it’s kind of a novelty type blade than anything else, and if you can zoom on the pics you’ll see that the point hasn’t held up well at all and is a true pain to sharpen well. Hence the search to replace it with something (drop point, half serrated, automatic)…

The AFO is my useful at work knife - seatbelts, boxes, etc. The Infidel is a last ditch, shit has splattered about the fan, fighting someone and can’t get to my gun option.

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My usual two. The point on the CRKT Eros has been reprofiled, because after owning it all of a week, I dropped it and the needle point did not survive intact. Ball bearing flipper, extremely satisfying to fiddle with.

The Ka-bar TDI LDK is not sophisticated, it’s basically a razor blade with a thumb grip. Brilliant for little household jobs actually. Basic but extremely hardwearing.

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CRKT has some great knives when you don’t want to spend as much. I used to carry a ripple around with me all the time until my clip got bent. They sent me a replacement for free but I haven’t changed it yet. Their k Ives have some great bearings for a super smooth and quick deploy.

Until you see a CRKT Provoke and are glad you’re a lefty!