Viticulture Tournament

Friend request sent to @Feygor

Accepted? I’m not sure. Strange view in the app.

Am I right that I can see all your friends in Viticulture?

I see you now so it worked. @SleepingGiant you’re on my friends list but I can’t add you. Have you logged into the app yet? The VC icon is greyed out in your profile.

@geigerm, have sent a friend request your way.
can’t invite you to a game before confirmation.

@JammaTal My Digidiced in-game name is actually mgeiger9–we’re connected as friends already, probably from playing Patchwork or Terra Mystica. Sorry for not clarifying that sooner.

i knew that, and you are on my friendslists in other digidiced games, but - strange enough - you were not on the list of players i could invite to a game of Viti :thinking:

but just now you are where you belong = on my friendslist in every game :hugs:

so i could send the invites.
and i didn’t forget to activate the shuffle option. the game just took me as first player :roll_eyes:

wasn’t so sure about the advanced “the mamas and the papas”, but stepped back from it.
their music was great enough without advancements :smirk:

Advanced Mamas & Papas just lets players chose from 2 of each.

@whovian223 @Hardco

We are up and running. Advanced Mamas & Papas, shuffled player order. I think I understand the mechanics but I’ve not played before so sorry if I don’t put up much of a fight.

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Invites out to Merlot Table

This game desperately needs a help toggle that explains the effect of each space or decision. I know it isn’t all that complex, but a little reminder here and there would be nice…

There is a green question mark in the lower left corner which turns on some labels.

Yeah, but it doesn’t really explain them. Nor does it explain the Spring options. I know they are pretty basic, but a simple reminder would be so very helpful for people learning. Ah well; perhaps it will be second nature eventually.

yeah, i know. just wasn’t sure by which option we were expected to go.

Ok, I think I’m already confused. We have only taken our first turn and it looks like @whovian223 placed a worker on the plant a vine card action. Yet when I look at his vineyard board (at least I think I’m looking at his) I see no planted vines. Am I missing something?

I sold a field, not planted a vine.

I need money. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I see now. I didn’t notice those spots for planting a vine up on the hill. I’ve got it now.

I’m really sorry, but I’m having some health issues and I need to bail from this tourney, apologies!

Sorry to hear about your issues. Get well soon! No worries about the tournament.

No worries, get better!

If anyone was on the fence about playing and wants to jump in … now would be the time.