Viticulture Tournament

Anyone interested in learning Viticulture and joining a tournament?

I don’t know how to play and don’t even own the game yet, but I suppose this would be a reason to buy and learn.

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I’m game!

I think I have most of you on my friends list from previous tournaments.

@whovian223, have the two recent updates fixed the 3P problem?
not explicitely mentioned in the patch notes (only 6P fix) so i wonder?

and yes, Jane, i’m game too.

I haven’t actually tried to set up a 3-player game since the patches went live.

However, I mentioned it on Twitter and Pixelated Cardboard replied and said he’s set up 3-player games with no problems.

So I don’t know.

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Three player games can be set up with no issues.

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I’ll play!


Got game, will play! Time to learn…

I’m in!

I’ll learn this one the hard way, sure.

I’m in

Looking for two more players so we can start tomorrow with four tables of 3.

Ok, I’m in. Don’t know the game yet but I hope you are learners too.

I’ll get in on it if you still need players

Enrollment closed. Coming soon-table assignments and kick off


Chardonnay Table


Merlot Table


Cabernet Sauvignon Table


Sauvignon Blanc Table


First player at each table sends invite.
The winners at each table will play for the gold in a second game.
Second place finishers will play one additional game for the silver.
Third place finishers at each table will play another match for the bronze.
You are committing to two games.

Good luck to all. Let me know if I’m forgetting something.

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@Schlotzky, I sent a friend request to you.

@whovian223 @Hardco I sent friend invites.