Viticulture Tournament

@johnl, @Feygor, @Baelnor would like to join your table.

Invite sent.

I am on my biannual trip out to my in-law’s grape farm so this game is making me very happy, thematically.

I am quite liking this game but it is burning my brain a little trying to figure out the harvest>age>press>age/mix cycle of grapes and wine. The mechanics aren’t hard; my planning is poor.

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I really do like it a lot. I’m surprised I haven’t played it on the table since 2017 but I’m enjoying the app! However, now that the Steam version is out (and I have bought it), I’m not sure how to log in to my Digidiced account and I’m also unclear how to actually exit the app. I don’t see any “Return to Desktop” function on it.

Same with Isle of Skye (my only other Digidiced app on Steam).

Any help there?

hello @geigerm, it’s your turn for a long time now (timeout included).

Sorry about that–missed the notification and forgot to check in.

no problem. just glad to go on :hugs:
i like the game. still learning and making mistakes, but having much fun.

Yeah, learning this game is tough because I feel like it requires some good foresight. I’m quite enjoying my game but no, somewhere around the way point, I’m trying g to figure out how to salvage the winery I’ve made rather than letting it churn out points like the good economic engine it should be.

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Whovian223 over @Mirefox and @Hardco 23-12-4

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It was my first ever game and I quite enjoyed it, though I have no idea how the scoring worked out the way it did other than the obvious that you filled more orders than us…I’d watch the replay if I weren’t too lazy.

Fun game, though.

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I’m glad! It definitely is a great game.

i have two questions:
i played the Architect ("…OR gain 1 VP for each 4-Lira structure you have built") but got only 2 VPs (going up from 11 to 13) although i own the Cottage (costs 4) and the medium and large cellars (4 and 6 costs). so i should have gotten 3 VPs, right?

and @geigerm played the Grower (“Plant 1 wine card. Then, if you have planted a total of at least 6 wine cards, gain 2 VPs”) but got 3 VPs instead (going up from 12 to 15 VPs) :man_shrugging:

oh, i just found the answer to my first question myself.
i think it can be that i didn’t BUILD the Cottage but got it “by parents”.

so what did i miss on the second question?

I think the Architect only gives points for structure that are exactly 4 cost, not over 4. So cottage and small cellar count.

Not sure about question 2…

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Did he build the Windmill? I think that’s the structure that gives you a point if you plant a vine


Ah, yep that is it!

good find!
i like it when a plan comes together: to be enlightened by fellow gamers.

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I was just happy to get the extra VP. :wink:

The battle of the Mikes has ended!

GG @JammaTal and @geigerm


Merlot table is all wrapped up
GG @JaneHatke and @Schlotzky

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