Vinyl Thoughts - Music and such


I’ll go with this instead:


For those of you who like film scores, John Williams’s brother, who himself is an accomplished musician in some way that I don’t remember, has stated that the score for Star Wars Episode IX will have every musical theme from all the past Star Wars movies in it in some way. For someone like me who still gets chills every time he hears Binary Sunsets, this is awesome.



Like Duran Duran’s first album crossed with Haim:



LOVE that tune


Oh, you (and by you I mean Ghost).


That’s not Ghost. It is a decent parody of how they would do a cover, though.

The two new Ghost songs released recently that they claim were originally recorded in the late '60s are very good:



This is not my favorite song of the year or anything (and the video is comically stupid), but it is exactly how I think club music should sound right now, in November of 2019, the exact month and year that the original Blade Runner takes place.