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Entire album is a banger.



The video is dumb, but this is my favorite song of the year so far.



I celebrate their entire catalog


I feel like it is about time that I come in here representing the world of bluegrass. All too often, the banjo brings to mind rip-roaring hillbilly dueling banjos but there is so much more to the genre. While I certainly appreciate Flatt and Scruggs or Bill Monroe, Bluegrass has evolved into something much more than the 5-piece strings and lonesome tenor sound. I love the banjo rolls and mandolin chops, but I also love the newgrass, or progressive bluegrass movements that bring new sounds to the traditional genre. Take the Steeldrivers, who bucked the smooth tenor trend with their original vocalist Chris Stapelton (yes, now famous as a solo artist). Take Old Crow Medicine show who bring a punk mentality to the genre and play traditional and modern alike (and who originally wrote Wagon Wheel, bastardized and made popular by Darius Rucker). So just to kick off any of my bluegrass or Americana posts, a couple bluegrass videos that don’t sound like traditional bluegrass.




Thunderclouds by LSD. The video is slightly insane, but the song is great and has given me a new appreciation of Sia’s voice.



Top 5 Albums released in 2018? Why certainly.


Please sir, I beg to differ:




In the Court of the Crimson Stills, Nash and Young.





How to do a Sci-Fi themed music video on a non-existent budget.