Unmatched, or goodness me what a big sword you have Alice

Ahead of a trip next week, I’ve bought Unmatched. Very nice implementation, and a good-looking game generally from Acram. Good async options.

So far my tactic is run at the opposing hero and hit them until one of us loses, which works against the weak AI. I’m sure there are better ways :wink:

Anyone up for a game or few?

Most definitely, I’ve been waiting to play this with someone (but kept forgetting to post)!

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Count me in, too–bought the game, played the tutorial, and haven’t done much since. I’d like to learn more the old-fashioned way, getting my butt kicked by more experienced players.

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@SpiceTheCat did our game disappear? I don’t see it anymore. I also wasn’t getting turn notifications fwiw

I didn’t see a game. I’ve invited you to a game, password Sp1; hopefully that works.

I’d play. I’ve dabbled at the table but haven’t played on the app yet.

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We even have enough for 2v2 if we’re feeling ambitious.

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@geigerm what’s your in-game name? I’ve found js619 and Mirefox.

Hahah guess I was playing a rando

It’s geigerm … just added you to my friend list, although I don’t know if anything shows up on your end.

You all are going to “force” me to purchase this game sooner than I would like, aren’t you?

I have a notification that I was invited into @SpiceTheCat’s game but I have no app badges and I don’t see the game. Did it fill up or get canceled?

Ok, the game setup looks unusually ropey. Inviting someone to a game doesn’t make it private, so the game I invited @Mirefox to was filled up by a random. The game with @js619 was private and that seems to have worked. Notifications seem patchy as well - I haven’t had anything but in-chat reminders for on-line games. A little unexpected for an Acram product.

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I’m getting notification banners but not badges, much like Wingspan. Non game breaking, but annoying. And baffling, considering developers can look at games like Ascension that have been doing it correctly for a decade…

yeah. not much progress in that respect over all those years.
in the contrary!

On the plus side, my turn just came up with @SpiceTheCat and I got 5 notifications in a row that I was “almost out of time,” so the game seems to be serious about getting your attention……

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…even though it’s a no-limit game. Some rough edges here.

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I close to demand replays in my games, games that don’t have replays, like Scythe, can become very frustrating as the board state changes without you noticing of knowing why. Unmatched has replays, which is great, but do we really need to see everything since our last turn every time we log in to pick a defense card?

This app is generally well-made but the asynch implementation needs some serious work.

Agreed. I keep forgetting to take a turn because of the lack of notifications, amongst other things.

@SpiceTheCat you’ve been up for a bit in our game.