Twilight Struggle 2017 Tourney

Based on the number of people queued up for the Twilight Zone Challenge, it seems like we are due for an actual tournament. Our last attempt at the old site ended up with a bunch of dropouts after the first round, an attempt at re-pairing, and dying a slow death. So ideally a single elim tournament would be the easiest to run.

From the Challenge thread, the following have expressed interest in playing:

  1. @Snotty128
  2. @SleepingGiant
  3. @geigerm
  4. @OhBollox
  5. @js619
  6. @jason1002
    and me.

I’m not going to assume anyone is in though, other than myself. So if you are interested, say so here. If we get over 8 we’ll figure something out.

I’ll give everyone until Friday May 12th to sign up.

Yes I would like to play.

Im in. My connection will be very patchy in June, but I’ll try to keep my game moving when I can

I’m in. Probably out pretty quickly too, considering how hard I suck at this game :slight_smile:

Count me in, please.

I’m in

I am in until my usual “early second round defcon suicide” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So here.

I like to be included as well , Ian

I’m in. halfvoid on everything.

Baelnor for all the things.

Running it on challobge? That site is mint

We’ll definitely be using Challonge. Since it looks like we’ll be right between the single-elim sweet spots, I’ll need it to do all the planning…

So we’re at 11 so far. I’ll wait until the end of the day in case we have any stragglers that could at least get us to an even number…


I’d like to add myself to the stragglers list please!

goatfeeder on Playdek
feederofgoats on Challonge


I’m on Steam, is that okay? OhBollocks on TS, OhBollox on Challonge.

Steam is great! You’re in.

That’s 13 now. I’ll cut off sign ups if we can get to 16. Otherwise we’ll work with what we have at the end of tomorrow.

edit: today’s only Thursday

I’ll play! mhatke on Playdek

I’ll play

15! If no one else shows up by the time I try to start the tournament, I’m signing up @JammaTal

nooo! still totally overcommitted :persevere:
and i know that i can’t take it easy when playing.
lookalot and thinkalot for 20 minutes :flushed: or more…

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