Twilight Struggle 2017 Tourney


I’m just waiting to confirm Ids Challonge userid (and maybe a 16th), then I will generate the pairings and create a new thread. The tournament will be 4 rounds single elimination, with a 3rd place match for extra fun. We’ll probably have 1 bye.


@johnl want to be the 16th?


The tournament is a go with 15. Sorry @js619, you got the first round bye!

The tournament can be found at Challonge here. Either player create a “Standard game” with Optional cards and “Bid for Sides”. When bidding, remember that you choose the side you want to play, and how much influence you offer your opponent to let you play that side. So if both players choose opposite sides then neither player gets any additional influence. If both players bid for the same side, then whoever offers the most influence gets to play that side. In case of a tie, it is random.

If that doesn’t make any sense, this might help.


Assumed your username was the same as on TS, invited you. May the best hegemony win.


Invite sent to @JMH.75 (jmh.75 on twilight struggle I assume)

Good luck, have fun!


Accepted invite. I’m out of town until tomorrow evening. May not have time to play before then but after that will move every day. Good luck and thx for playing.


Accepted. Gl & hf!


Tried sending an invite to IDS64 but it says “User not found”


I believe that’s just his Challonge. There’s an ids on Playdek.


@SleepingGiant invite sent your way! Good luck!


Apologies for being late to the party.
Was outside of reach this weekend.

Will commit to thermonuclear suicide in the next couple of hours (currently at work, dunno if I can sneak matchstart in, as typing on my “hightechgadget” (aka iPad) always draws unwanted (!) attention…)


Ah yeah, thought the challonge names represented the playdek name. Got an invite from them last night so our game is started now.


Hardco over @Private_Prinny USSR +22 on Turn 4

This match had an interesting start, when Private_Prinny (with no bonus influence as the US) split his influence in Europe 4/2 between W Germany and Italy, with his last influence going into a non-bg country. I headlined Socialist Governments, expecting to be able to walk into Italy and couping Iran. But the US headlined East European Unrest, so we were both denied access to Italy.

Private_Prinny missed the importance of this, and I got into Italy first, and France shortly after. This allowed me to score 14 points in Europe on turn 2 and 3, and after ditching Asia Scoring to 5 Year Plan I was at +13 going into the Mid War. OPEC and We Will Bury You was enough to get me over 20. Good game Private_Prinny!


My struggle with @jason1002 is deep into turn 7. I made a rookie mistake thinking that Quagmire expired at the end of turn, played in on second last round for the influence and was devastated when it was there after turn end!!!

Anyways, headlined a bear trap for turn 7 and we were both trapped, locked up like Chinese finger cuffs!


Glad to see I’m not the only one that’s done that…


I’m more likely to equate Bear Trap and Quagmire and then play my opponent’s card! In my challenge against Snotty128 the only thing that saved me from doing that was seeing my Norad disappear, and then undoing the move…


Yeah… I’ve done that one too. We should have a list of bone headed TS moves going for comic relief!


That would be pages upon pages of me and my almighty face-desk moments :-/


What a game! After landing three score cards in my hand in turn 9, I went from being +16 as US to +7 heading into round 10.

I headlined a red scare/purge as US whilst @jason1002 HL’d a marine barracks bombing. Thinking I was going down in Middle East (which I had the bloody score card for) I was trying to figure out how I could hold on and get to defcon2 and flip my wargames.

@jason1002 gave me a gift by playing a CIA created, giving me a 1ops I could use, I burnt that, dropped to defcon2 and flopped war games getting me the win with the narrowest of margins, 1vp.

Having seen his hand after war games it was again clogged up with US events, but much stronger on ops. Would have been very very close either way.

Great game!


Yes I was probably going to coup somewhere to get defcon down to 2 quickly anyway.

I was Russia and my hands were filled with US events all the time, and just had to watch where he kept putting influence because he most likely had the scoring card for that area. As soon as he scored an area I would space race something, using that break in his momentum.

Good game, Baelnor.