Traitor’s Empire - StatelyPlay Guild


Hi all,
Thought I would make a thread for us to discuss the Traitor’s Empire game/ guild.

We currently have a guild called “StatelyPlay” with quite a number of SP’rs. Feel free to shout out if you want to join.

For those that are already there, can you pop a post here so I know who you are please?

Look forward to solving the reliquary with you all :smiley:


I am in the clan as Robsterol.

Just told the others I spotted in a direct message but might as well repeat here for completeness.

Edit: Oh, and I have solved the Reliquary, but seems the solution varies by player so my knowledge is of no use to anyone else.


i might be kennfusion


I’m enjoying the game, in the guild/clan as Falkenstein, anticipate that I’ll be one of the slower players in the clan, as usual. :smile:


a very enjoyable game indeed.

i like the freedom and flexibility in the tactical battles, switching back and forth from hero to hero for combos and cooperation.

always something to do. daily quests, replaying old levels for new surprises, daring to tackle the challenges, clan events, clan quests, raids etc.

last not least there is the campaign, incl lots of branching side quests, filled with decisions which make for a difference.

and no playtime timers (just for crafting and that’s ok) and i can’t see a paywall (yet?).


Just started playing, and happy to join the guild. Username is Tigana :slight_smile:


I would prefer it was full premium, but my current approach is to hope that the matchmaker puts the high-dollar “whales” into their own PvP Raid matches, and I won’t see them and their buffed party / team, while they fund financial success and future expansions / DLC are rolled out. Hopefully we won’t have clan vs. clan battles where I’ll have to encounter some on the other side? :thinking:

As it is now, I’m enjoying the game and anticipate mainly just ignoring the cash shop (I did pay to unlock the Premium Account option) and casually playing through the release story, will see what happens after that. :sunglasses:


Username JMH75 (withouten the dot)


Having fun with this game so far as long as there are new places to explore and not just grinding.

My name in game is SG Griztor in case you feel like using my support hero, wink wink. I’ve been trying to use stately players heroes for support before others.


I just submitted a request to join the clan. I assume it’s going to come from Mysterio.


Added to the team and promoted to member :slight_smile:


game not doing it for me for some reason. Already kind of just feels like a chore, so dropped clan and deleted game.


Please let me know if there are 2 spots in the clan at some point. I’m “Vigabool” and would like to switch to the Stately clan but want a friend to be able to come along.


Since discussion is what we do here at StatelyPlay :smile: I’ll say that I’ve felt that I’ve found “Traitors Empire Card RPG” enjoyable, but it hasn’t sucked me in, despite the fact that I’m inclined to enjoy turn-based dungeon crawler type RPGs.

I’m thinking that part of it is that I didn’t “grow up” with tactical RPG’s using cards, and so much RNG as far as having usable abilities … I’m used to the RNG on the results of the class abilities but being able to rely on which abilities are available to me on my turns, and while I enjoy the different card gameplay a little of it goes a long way for me.

So, I’m personally just casually dabbling along and right now more interested in spending time in “Battle Chasers: Nightwar”, which has more traditional class abilities. In “Traitors Empire Card RPG”, I might have too many cards for one class in my hand, and none for another class, which doesn’t feel quite right … again, I’m used to party RPG mechanics different from a “Card RPG”.

Which feeds into the feeling like a chore … for me a little goes a long way with the random card abilities, so sometimes I’m ready to wrap it up and the zone / area still requires more battle(s) to complete … I have not tried to quit in the middle of completing a zone, but my impression is that if I do then I’d likely start the next session back at the beginning of that area, on the first battle.

I believe that I, personally, am not in the center of the target audience for a “Card RPG”, and the cash shop isn’t doing them any favors with me, but so far I’m enjoying it in small doses. :sunglasses:


no problem! you can leave anytime and return later to the exact point in the battle.
in other words: perfect for mobile play in pieces. auto-save in battles.
even when internet breaks down or when the game crashes you can continue the battle.

random card abilities: deckbuilding can help a lot to reduce randomness and to create great synergy effects and combos.
dismantle unwanted cards and craft better fits.

so easy to collect gold. i could just purchase 10x 5-card packs and got lots of useful rares and one amazing epic.
now back to the drawing board for designing streamlined PVP decks.

the TA forum community loves TE too: “this game has so much tactical depth and interesting missions. It has everything I wished for Warhammer Quest 2.”
“In my opinion this game is a hidden gem.”


That’s great to know, thanks!

Warhammer Quest 2 is a good tactical RPG comparison, rather than the other RPG I’m currently playing, the more “JRPG” one, Battle Chasers: Nightwar.

I completely agree that Traitors Empire Card RPG is a great Card RPG, I’m just uncertain that I’m the best target for a Card RPG. I know that one can upgrade their gear outside of cards, and a character always has their base attack available to them, just not sure the RNG of a hand of cards for special abilities is the best match for me, personally.

What I do enjoy about a Card RPG is it is a nice change of pace from the usual tactical RPG where the same party composition ends up always using the same abilities the same way in the same rotation … a Card RPG does mix in a breath of fresh air by forcing other abilities to be used in different combinations, which can add in a bit of entertainment to the game. :sunglasses:


i’m playing it on PS4. it’s a good one :blush:


On paper, this really should be the perfect game for me, I have no idea why I could not get into it. I am a huge tactical rpg fan, and I like the mobile FTP model here. It might be just that I am fully invested in my Marvel Strike Force progression right now, and I just don’t have the mental bandwidth for both?


Maybe? This is my first F2P in 6 months, so it is grabbing every one of those hooks in me.

I have unlocked the five basic heroes and found the Trophy Hunter which is good. Allows you to turn the Rare boss skulls into exp / renown for your heroes.

Still enough replay to try and unlock everything within each mission, though I need to do that at higher skill difficulties.

And crafting… so many mats, just need to make some calls and start building some cards!


I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Scratches the turn-based tactics and deck-building itches while avoiding the most annoying F2P mechanics (energy timers and the like). I like the crafting system and am pleased to see the ability to win materials in the mid-game.