Traitor’s Empire - StatelyPlay Guild


Almost have enough war tags to get a better terrain. Any thoughts on which sort to get?


something with terrain and people slots :smile:


I got the one with two ally slots. Based on attacking higher level players I think the AI does better with 5-on-3 than with a terrain advantage. It’s been pretty easy to overcome an inferior starting spot if I can get off a nice alpha strike.


I think I agree on max soldiers


can we get 4- or 5-heroes squads for campaign levels?
i guess only in Raids and for Defense?


Seems that way.

Just picked up. 4* location with two soldiers / one buff.

Now to save up enough to get two soldiers and a better buff than +2 health.


I’m also one that just isn’t getting grabbed by this at all. Played and got all of my 3 team in the campaign to past level 4 in order to try a raid (was mulling weather to delete before that actually). Gave the raid a go and just see no difference in much of any exciting hooks since starting to play the game. I just don’t find that there’s really much synergy at all in the cards between the characters, and positionally on the squares board you’re doing the same thing over and over in my opinion. ie, get the tank up front and punching, and sit the rangers as far back as possible but in range of making a strike. Between battles, tweak your mini decks a little bit if there’s any more available cards, but to this point I haven’t found much synergy; I always move then strike/hit/arrow, then end turn.
The story doesn’t do much for me, and the little choose your dialogues/actions seem really just for small story tidbits and not much for anything crucial and engaging.

Where’s the hook is what I’m interested to know?

Not having too much of a dig at the game and respect that others like it but I’ve got to provide my reasons that go back the other way. Perhaps there’s something I’ve missed, and very happy to here what.

Btw, this game, in the combat and card/deck based gameplay is very, very, very similar to a game on iOS called Combat Monsters. Some of you may remember it. Others might want to check it out.


I got that one too, Imperial Palace. I also bought the Acolyte who is ranged. I’m holding out for one more ally and then I’ll get a better standard. Currently winning just under half the time on defense, which is surprising to me.


Dumb question: how do you add these new areas and allies for raids?


War tab in the shop. You can purchase them, as well as unique cards and equipment, for the war tags you earn raiding.