[Tourney Thread] Star Realms: Colony Wars Release Tournament

The quest to set the Stars ablaze has begun anew! GL& HF!


Please follow this link to the Challonge tournament page.

There you see the two groups. Play everyone once in our group and
winner’s obligation is to report there (including score) Generally _who _
invites who is irrelevant because the game randomizes starting player.
The Names displayed there are the Star realms user names, please use them, as some have different handles from their forum-usernames.

Do use ONLY the Colony Wars Starter Set (Option on the very right of the setup screen). Later on we may combine stuff a bit but for now we want the pure unadultered Colony Wars feeling.

Set the games up with 48 hours timer.
Some people only want to play one game simultaniously others can
stomach more…generally its ok to let an invitation sit there for a
while, timing out the invitation isn’t bad, timing out a game is. So
just have it going your way.

4 Players a group will advance to the final stage, where we will have
a single-elimination round where each match-up is a “best of three”

So any questions left? No? Then again GL & HF!




(can only ping 10 people per post…)

I guess I already signed up for this one… So have fun everyone!

I guess you put the wrong holsten in challonge, I am Holsten_Knight :wink:

Just so I dont forget: Me (12) > Jlongo (-5)

Guys sorry, I am trying since yesterday to purchase the expansion, with no success. The app keeps hanging up when buying or trying to connect to online play. Anyone else having issues right now?

Aaahm. Ok, I deleted the app and reinstalled. It seems to work fine now :slight_smile:

Me (21) > JHTaube (0)


It has the right Avatar I believe, As I think that is you. Re-invited and got this message?
Did Your Challonge Account up and died on you?

Sorry, sorry. I am such a noob. Did not check my spam e-mail folder for the invite :sweat:

Still strange that I had no notification or chance to join in challonge, but it worked now and I reported my scores. Sorry again

Damn it @Blackfyre, I had the power to take you out when you were at 12, but I didn’t notice until halfway through my turn… I figured I’d still be okay, then you smoked me for 20-something…

What is our status on this tournament?

I finished Stage 1 one now its time for round 2 - good luck everyone! :slight_smile:

Couldn’t do this earlier since challonge seems to be under a heavy load currently and didn’t load the last couple of days…



@johnl that might have been one of the luckiest games of SR I have ever had. Every card flip just seemed to go my way. GG

@kennfusion you marked yourself as having advanced, but don’t forget it is best of 3. You haven’t dispatched me yet.

lol, I had not even realized it was best of 3. I am in too many tournaments right now. Sorry about that. Probably out the rest of tonight, but will resume our other game in the morning.

@Hardco very good games, as usual. I had way too much luck with the last draw in the third match to feel comfy with the victory. :sweat_smile:

I thought I had things under control in the third game, then I drew dead two hands in a row after the reshuffle… My next hand was looking really good though! :cry: Well played!


Put the comment where it belongs…in the SR thread not the tourney thread…

comments on the tourney games not to post in the tournament thread?

in all tourney threads i have created and managed we had most enjoyable and enlightening comments on the played games.
better than thread jumping in my opinion.