[Tourney Thread] Star Realms: Colony Wars Release Tournament


@JammaTal I think @Private_Prinny is referring to his own post, which he moved to the SR Love/Hate thread


And @jammatal is saying the post belonged here! I’ll agree with @Private_Prinny, this set seems way better, and I think the main reason is that I buy so many less Explorers… There’s no joy in Explorers…


Uh sorry for the confusion. I initially put my recent remarks down here and re-/moved it to the general Star Realm Thread as it more appropriately belongs there…since technically I organized the Tournament, but did not play in it. I was talking about friendly challenge games, not specific tournament games.


Oh dear, bronze match juggernaut @geigerm strikes again…it seems he seriously has a penchant for Bronze Matches. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just realized that this joke might has gone a tiny bit too far…the one time I kicked him out of the semis and went on to the finals (Space Gambit gone Wrong SR Tournament) didn’t even have a bronze match ( must have forgotten to check the challonge checkbox back then).

My apologies @geigerm!

I realized I am organizing Challonge SR Tournaments since Feb 2015…how time flies…


Ha, no worries. I’m apparently the Susan Lucci of PT/SP tourneys …


true sportsman’s spirit!
and always a formidable opponent!


@feederofgoats you need to update your app for us to play. I am on the updated version.


the tourney is finished. grats to Goatfeeder on the 2-0 win in the final!

tourney should be officially declared as finished on challonge too.


Thanks JammaTal, and also to Private Prinny for organising… Lots of fun!


Holsten told me that you played strong games vs him. he doesn’t say that very often.
you did lose only 3 games in the whole tourney. impressive performance!

have you ever played Race for the Galaxy? another GREAT cardgame.
you should have joined Stately Play’s Premier League,
i hope next time!


I have never played it either, I don’t think I have ever looked at it. It’s a deckbuilder game? It has Async multiplayer?


Thanks mate… I think I had a good run of luck though. I’ve played a few games of Race for the Galaxy and I’ll definitely jump into the next one.


Hi Kenn, you can find the great review and many enlightening comments over here.

and the Stately Play’s Premier League of 16 contestants had a good start and will bring on lots of dramatic matches and much fun, i’m sure.

it’s an “empire builder” or “engine builder”. you try to set up economical or military engines for generating synergies to score more points than your opponent/s.
so RftG is sometimes called “San Juan in space.”
fantastic app with well implemented async 2-4 players multiplayer.
i’m not the only one for whom this is GotY.


New expansion is out! Here is a request for a new tourney to celebrate. :slight_smile:
Maybe using Colony Wars, Cosmic Gambits and the new promo cards


Good Idea :slight_smile:

On a second note if only Gambits 2.0 was released I need to ping interest first…gambits are a bit loathed in a tournament setting and I didn’t test them out yet so no opinionated guess on that on my part…


There are 11 new cards in addition to 9 new gambits.

I’m ok with gambits, since this tournament isn’t for money or anything. :slight_smile: