[Tournament] Lords of Waterdeep - way too hot summer edition


So with this we have come to the final round:

Final Table:
@geigerm (mgeiger9)**

Good luck in the finals!

Setting usernames in Bold is actually a problem, egro @geigerm is to invite, if possible.


The invite is out–good luck, everyone!


And how is the final running? :stuck_out_tongue:


We’re in the final round, with only a couple of turns left for each of us.


You all getting notifications since update?



And that’s it! Super aggressive start to the game, something like 6 mandatories thrown around. Very little board development (only 5 buildings at end of game I think) and super competitive throughout. Well done all, great game.


@Baelnor Congrats on the win! You closed the game extremely well.


Screen seems to not work properly.

Anyways congratulation on the win, and thanks all for participating! (^.^)=b


LtCol (marine corps usage :wink:) Prinny, may i ask you to flag the SP Star Realms: Colony Wars Release Tournament as finished on Challonge?


I tried to do that yesterday, challonge bugged out on me several times…trying again.

Hm. Seems to be a problem from where I log on, so different browser update status? This is the first time I tried from work, now it did what it should at the first try.
Why did I log onto challonge since forever from home trying this? ^^


Congrats @Baelnor!
Couldn’t believe how little scoring there was going around. But you came through in the last round.