[Tournament] Lords of Waterdeep - way too hot summer edition

No Xanathar this time, folks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here it is the very first Stately Play Lords of Waterdeep-Tournament

I won’t prepare a challonge tournament page this time due to the special nature of progressing in the tournament

First round will be seven 3-Player games.
The first listed player per table is supposed to invite the other two. This is a base-set + Undermountain expansion only tourney, no extra Worker-option (Long Game) or Skullport expansion enabled. Please set the timer to 21 days. But try to make at least 2 moves (1 if not otherwise possible) a day.

All winners at each table and the 2 highest scoring runner-ups of all tables will move on to round 2. With this ruleset 9 People can move on to round 2. The winners of Round 2 will move on to the final.

This may seem a bit unfair or complicated for some players, but I want to keep this tournament simple and strictly 3-Player match-up until the very top. So winners please report final standings with score for everyone.
Lets try finishing round 1 in 3 weeks :slight_smile:

First name: Stately Play username
Second name: playdek username if different from SP username

Table 1:
@johnl (john1325)

Table 2:

Table 3:
@geigerm (mgeiger9)

Table 4:
@Dave (daveseidner)
@irishdomer08 (mhatke)

Table 5:

Table 6:
@Jules (JulesvH)

Table 7:

Happy backstabbing guys!


Zebra/kennfusion/spice started.

And accepted. Better relearn the rules, I guess…

Table 6 game created.

@Lexicon Great to have you back and playing here. I guess you cancelled your two-player invite to me … good to know that I will not be demoralised by another thrashing whilst I compete in this tourney.

Table 2 game created.

@robthomasson Thanks for telling me about the tourney haven’t played with most of this group in forever. Normally just have a few ascension games going with you and deathmtn

Table 3 invites sent.

oh oh…got no notification nor badge for my first turn.
is it just me?

I normally get about a 90% hit rate with notifications on Waterdeep. But I check it a lot because it sits on my phone.

Normally when it somehow logs me out of game centre

After placing a couple of agents and seeing what @Zebracadabra and @kennfusion have done, I think I can safely say this game is taking a while to come back to me.


I dont know if Ive missed the invite or if @Dave hasnt sent one yet

@Snotty128 and @Dave. I went ahead and sent out our invite. Start player is random so it shouldn’t matter…

Sorry I was late to catching up on this thread. Thanks for starting up the game!

Also, just a heads up - I am typically more active on iOS games during the work week in general. Usually, I’m able to make moves on weekends, but sometimes weekends get busy and I miss a day. Hopefully that doesn’t slow things down here. I’ll do my best to keep making moves over the weekend (at least once per day).

July 5th - 9th I’ll be at the Dice Tower Con. Free wifi is supposed to be included so I shouldn’t have an issue keeping up with moves. Just a heads up in case there are issues with the hotel wifi.

So…I am assuming by now all Matches are well underway?

Table 4 had begun. Im busy the next couple of days but then it should be business as normal

Table 6 is underway … a couple of turns by all players …

i have deleted and reinstalled the game, and that fixed notifications :+1:

table 7 is running in turn 2.

Table 2 is in round 4

Table 2 in round 8 going to be a close one but I think @JaneHatke is going to take it.

Table 5 is in round 5.