[Tournament] Lords of Waterdeep - way too hot summer edition


I see your compulsory quest and raise you two compulsory quests. /vindictive :wink:


I tried to spread them out, but now I only have one person to give them to.


Open Lord is a more unbalanced card than Xanathar…


It doesn’t get much closer than that! @Lexicon picked up Study at the Librarium early, so I hammered him with Intrigues to make sure he didn’t get to play it. A late game misplay of the Ambassador seemed like it was a costly mistake, but my last round grab of lots of gold paid off for the tiebreak.

Good game @lexicon and @JaneHatke!


Congratulations on your well played win, @Hardco.
What an exciting last round of play!


Another close game:

Good game @SleepingGiant and @KYakerDude


Great game @johnl ! You seemed to be in the lead the entire game, but we were nipping at your heels. I had a plan in round 8 that might have given me enough points for the win but I think you skillfully saw it and took those points before I or @KYakerDude could.


Great game! I was always catching up, but not quite making it. I really enjoy playing this game, I don’t know exactly why.


So our game is almost done. I tried really hard to stop @Saviodo from completing his “return three workers quest”, and he rewarded me with my second mandatory of the game. He still pulled it off for a pretty solid last turn.

I was running out of actions to complete quests and was one mandatory away from getting obliterated.

I particularly enjoyed my last action - play 3 intrigue - I stole @geigerm 's priest, then picked up 2 vp per person who didn’t have a priest, then I gave him back his priest to get 8 vp. Chuckles.

Anyways, interested to see how game finishes, one more needle to go


And it’s done:

@Baelnor 210
geigerm 190
@Saviodo 181

That last big quest for Baelnor made the difference. Congrats on the win and good game to both of you!


Good game good game. I thought I was closer than that.


Results for Table 7:
Winner: JHTaube using Larissa for a hefty buildings points bonus to reach a total of 201.
2nd Place: @whovian223 using Danilo with 137 points.
3rd Place: @JammaTal with Durnan to reach 127 points.
Thanks for the enjoyable game everyone. An early quest gave me the ability to gain the bonus even when using my buildings which dove-tailed with the bonus scoring ability quite nicely.


Table 4 results are in

1st: Snotty128 with 205 points
2nd: @irishdomer08 with 180 points
3rd: @Dave with 138 points

Thanks for the game! Thats the first time Ive seen that seize the citadel card and it turned out to be far more powerful than I realised at first. Once I understood that I got to chain quest after quest for 15 total quests completed.


So everything well and good at table 5 and 6? :slight_smile:


Good game, well played.


Table 6 is at round 6. So 2 more rounds


Table 6 has just started Round 7 …

Edit: Oh, sort of duplicate post. I saw Round 6 above and assumed different game, but really I should pay more attention to the world around me. Jules is that guy who is looking too good in our game …


Table 5 is on round 8, we are almost done.


Too good in our game…?
I guess you are holding the game upside down


Maybe for both of us it is a case of “the grass is greener on the other side”. And Ian will win!