Today I supported Jeff Bezos by buying…

Surge Protector Power Strip, One Beat Ultra Thin Flat Plug Extension Cord 5ft, 6 Outlets 3 USB Ports(1 USB C), 3 Sided Outlet Extender for Home Office Travel Dorm Room Essentials

Lookit these cute little mfers, how could you not


We recently got a 3D printer, so it’s kind of just filament, filament, filament, filament, random part upgrade, filament, filament…I think you get the picture.


Good heavens, this is such a great/terrible idea : ) For my part, this will just be an endless parade of randomness and embarrassment…

Socks for my son (10 pairs? because it’s 10 for $17 or 4 for $10, so…), Airborne (because other humans keep getting sick) (roll higher Cons, people!), and a(nother!) pair of running shoes for my wife (because she’s bought three in the past two weeks and none of them fit right).

@js619 that surge protector strip looks great. Everything should be flat-plug at a right angle.


Not if they’re 3-prong…

Amazon put it in my hand right now….

Got some sleeves for 7th citadel
Medium Square Sleeves (80x80mm) -…

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Required “not today,” but a month or so ago I’d had enough of eero’s nonsense. They used to be a great mesh system with fantastic support, but kind of took the proverbial long walk off a short pier when Amazon bought them. They were laggy, hard to attach new devices to, and began randomly dumping the whole network.

After much research and hand wrangling, I went with the Linksys Velop 6E system -

Linksys Velop Pro WiFi 6E Mesh…

Pros- easy setup, look nice, ok app. Full stop.
Cons- entire network randomly fails at least thrice a day without reason BUT will still appear to be connected, which was tons of fun.

After several days of my wife and daughters yelling that they couldn’t get online, which begets the question as to why tf I’ve been christened the local IT guy (the pay here sucks and the hours are unpredictable), I returned them and splurged.

That’s right, folks, I bought the Asus ET12.

ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12 AXE11000…

Strong enough to power your entire block with looks and size to match. They’ll irradiate your neighbors for a 5 square mile radius with WiFi, cancer, AND blindness from the fuckboi lights they put out. Strong WiFi and EDM lighting? Why pick one when you can have both?

Pros - the best WiFi I’ve ever gotten. But no joke, you won’t be able to connect to CarPlay till you’re two blocks away from your house cause the signal is that strong. App is also fantastic, with way more settings than I should be allowed to touch even as the house IT guy. Luckily there’s a factory reset button.

Cons- I’m not kidding when I say they’re the size of a Mercedes and just as expensive. They’re a tiny bit smaller than an Xbox X but not by much. The lights are more obnoxious than the latest songs my kids are listening to, but thankfully can be turned off without protest, unlike the songs. Only issue here is that the color of the lighting shows the status, so I did leave the den one on. Jokes on you when you sleep over, Nana.

eta: should probably crosspost this to hardware but no clue how on my iPhone. Insert tech support joke here.


Speaking of routers, I bought this:

Really like it. Supports the 1,000,000 WiFi connected devices in our house.

Cool things are setting up multiple networks to keep IOT devices separate, I can see who and what devices are connected (and name them), and it has easy to use parental controls to limit internet usage of gaming devices, etc. This can all be done remotely. And I can give my work computer priority access so streaming does not interrupt my work meetings.

I bought a second one and setup it up as an access point (wired second location) and it was super simple to do (relatively speaking).


11,000 meg per second??? I can only assume your kids are mining the bitcoin.

Wait, I think your network is showing up on my options list…

I have no idea how this happened at my house either. But I have somehow won the role for life.


I hate this job and want to quit but my boss won’t let me.

Pretty sure she sexually harasses me too but in what can only be described as a conflict of interest the boss appears to be head of Human Resources too.


Two refurbished 32gb iPod Touches for my daughters to take to sleep away camp.


My most fun Amazon purchase this year was a Meta Quest 3 bundle so that I could play VR Golf+. My latest Amazon purchase was a dozen Srixon Q Star Tour Divide golf balls so that I can play IRL on my annual golf retreat with the guys next weekend. Hope I don’t lose them all.