Ticket To Ride - Friendly Games

We have been playing a lot of Ticket To Ride First Journey around the house recently, both my daughter and wife are really into the game. Been forever since I played a real game though, so thought I would see if anyone wanted to play a game?

4 player, 15 day limit, original US map. Let me know if you want an invite.

Does anyone know the state of this game’s multiplayer? Does it work or is it the typical Asmodee nightmare (see the Small World thread)?

I am wondering that myself, but I do see a solid friends list in the app, so I am hoping it works. Let’s get a couple more people and see.

I’ll play

I think the game is better with 4 people, but sent a 3 player just to see how async is doing in the app. Invite sent to @irishdomer08 and @Mirefox

we played a 4P not long ago and @Zebracadabra was eliminated by the well-known (since 2 years) timer bug.
had happened in another game before to @robthomasson.

timer-bug: although still days on the timer the app decides to kick a player, telling that “time has been running out” and A.I. takes command.

but just now Asmod’oh has called to a new beta for identifying and fixing multiplayer issues.

I’m in. Good luck!

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Other than the fact that I got my game invitation after I took my first turn, it seems to be working well so far. We will see if the time out issue pops up and how end game scoring works.

end game scoring is fine, and one of the best end game scoring ceremonies of all boardgame apps.

I just made a completely boneheaded play because I forgot the rule that if you draw new tickets you must keep at least one. Whoops!

GG, I should have never kept that 22 NY to SF card, lost to greed. I was in good shape otherwise.

I had not played this in a while, was fun. Play again?