The Twilight Zone Challenge: Struggle for the Twilight Globe

@Hardco was the first to say “i’m in!” when i had asked for a Twilight Struggle challenge.
so i officially declare Hardco :hatching_chick: to 1st “Ruler of the Twilight Globe”!

:first_quarter_moon: :hatching_chick:

open for challenges :blush:

Challenge sent :smirk_cat:

Next please!

Bidding for sides, in line with twilight struggle tournaments? I could live without the promo cards, but the turn zero rules seem pretty good

good idea. why not?

Bidding for sides is a good idea, but I can do without Turn Zero. That can lead to some ridiculously unbalanced games. If only you could bid for sides after the Turn Zero events have been determined…


I’m in! I’ve studied from Hardco beating me at his game in every possible way.

i think we should rely on Hardco as experienced Twilight Struggler.
so bidding without turn zero. ok?

and for this challenge thread we should opt for a waiting list, because TS games can take a long time.

running challenge match: Hardco vs JMH.75

order of challengers:

  1. Snotty128
  2. Sleeping Giant

I’ll hop on the waiting list so I can have a chance to lose to someone I haven’t played yet.



I don’t even need to play to know I’ll lose horrifically to @Hardco. But I love every minute of it…

With a waiting list forming up, it’s almost as if we need another tournament…

waiting list update:

  1. Snotty128
  2. Sleepin Giant
  3. geigerm
  4. ohBollox
  5. js619

a nice way to collect interested players for a possible tournament :grin:

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Is this for the Ios version of Twilight Struggle? I only play it on Steam.

confirmed. for the mobile versions. iOS and Android.

I thought you could play cross platform?

You can play against people on Steam as well.

Please add me to the list then .

waiting list update:

  1. Snotty128
  2. Sleepin Giant
  3. geigerm
  4. ohBollox
  5. js619
  6. jason1002

really smells like tourney spirit :grimacing:
8P single elimination on Challonge?
quarterfinals, semifinals and championship match.

but someone must jump in and organize.

I haven’t organized any of the tournaments, but I guess I can step up if no one else wants to (knowing full well that by saying so, no one else will volunteer).