"The King In Yellow" Challenge Thread


Long (psst…no, not really, but i must say so as organizer) live…live?
ok, again.
Long be undead the new rotten King Alan!


Tomb of Unfamous Kings:
Holsten King 3x
Jamma King 1x
Zebracadabra King 1x

next title match will be Zebra King vs old King Jamma
line of challengers:

  1. KYakerDude
  2. halfvoid
  3. geigerm
  4. whovian
  5. Hardco
  6. HolstenKnight
  7. new entry


i still hold Cthulhu’s Crown! Any challengers?


let’s hail former MtG tournament player @Zebracadabra with this special edition card :expressionless:
by defending his title he was promoted to King Zebra II

Hall of Fame:
HolstenKing III
King Zebra II
King Jamma

next title match: King Zebra II vs KYakerDude
line of challengers:

  1. halfvoid
  2. geigerm
  3. whovian
  4. Hardco
  5. HolstenKnight
  6. JammaTal
  7. new entry

game on!


The King is dead! Long live the new King.

Overcame King Zebra II by 30 to -2. Goog game. He just wouldn’t die. I kept thinking it would be over in the next turn, but I was wrong.

Send me the next challenger.


forget the times when thou hath been called KYakerDude!
Hail KYakerKing I on the Seven Seas!


Hall of infamous Kings:
HolstenKing III
King Zebra II
KYakerKing I on the 7 Seas
King Jamma I

upcoming title bout: KYakerKing I vs halfvoid
order of challengers:

  1. geigerm
  2. whovian
  3. Hardco
  4. HolstenKnight
  5. Jamma
  6. Zebracadabra
  7. new entry

game on!


Heh. I am still alive! Barely…waiting for the next opportunity to pounce and regain my rightful crown.


Challenge sent, your majesty.


The challenger, halfvoid, has gone insane. Nice game. I believe geigerm is next in line. Challenge sent.

I like that, KYakerKing. It has a nice ring to it.


yeah, you are officially King of all Kayakers now, and upgraded to KYakerKing II

Hall of Fame:
HolstenKing III of 7 Beers
KYakerKing II on 7 Seas
King Zebra II of 7 Gatherings
King Jamma I of 7 Miseries

next title match: KYakerKing II vs geigerm (a kind of revenge for the tournament battle)
order of challengers:

  1. whovian
  2. Hardco
  3. HolstenKnight
  4. Jamma
  5. Zebracadabra
  6. halfvoid? (not confirmed yet)
  7. new entry


The King is dead, long live the King!

geigerm 49, @KYakerDude 0 (a much better game than the score indicates, IMO)

Challenge sent to whovian.


Uh oh…

nervous shiver


Great game. I was actually winning at one point.

Put me back on the bottom of the list.


Mighty Geigerm I has risen from the dephts!
Hail King Geigerm!

Hall of Kings:
HolstenKing III of 7 Beers
KyakerKing II on 7 Seas
King Zebra II on 7 Gatherings
King Mighty Geigerm I of 7 Sins
King Jamma I of 7 Miseries

next battle for the throne: King Mighty Geigerm I vs whovian
line of challengers:

  1. Hardco
  2. HolstenKnight
  3. Jamma
  4. Zebracadabra
  5. KYakerDude
  6. halfvoid
  7. new entry


Yeah sign me up again. Need to figure out where my strategies are going wrong between this and the tourney.


I’ll keep my throne a little longer: geigerm 33, @whovian223 -1. Good game!

@Hardco is up next, but we’re playing a tournament game right now. I’m going to hold off on challenging him until the tourney game is done, just to avoid confusion.


Yeah, it was a good game. Just couldn’t get my green/purple engine going in time.

Definitely put me back on the list for another try.


Now that one is over, the challenge is on!


so The Mighty Geigerm became The Mightier Geigerm II

Hall of Kings:
HolstenKing III of 7 Beers
King Mighty Geigerm II of 7 Sins
KYakerKing II on 7 Seas
King Zebra II on 7 Magic Gatherings
King Jamma of 7 Miseries

ongoing battle for the kingdom: Mighty Geigerm II vs Hardco
order of challengers:

  1. HolstenKnight
  2. Jamma
  3. Zebracadabra
  4. KYakerDude
  5. halfvoid
  6. whovian
  7. new entry