"The King In Yellow" Challenge Thread


The king is dead!

Hardco (20) over geigerm (-13)

@geigerm had me on the ropes with his green/purple lifegain deck, but his deck failed him the last couple turns, when my yellow/green deck finally came together. I hit him for over 50 on the final round…


That last turn was amazing–amazingly frustrating for me, but still amazing. You put together a great deck and it all came together.

I’ll slink back to the bottom of the list and wait to rise again …


Hail King Hardco!

will we see a long new reign?
Hall of Fame:
HolstenKing III of 7 Beers
King Mighty Geigerm II of 7 Sins
KYakerKing II on 7 Seas
King Zebra II on 7 Magic Gatherings
King Hardco of 7 Hard Cores
King Jamma of 7 Miseries

next battle for the Iron Throne: King Hardco vs HolstenKnight
order of challengers:

  1. Jamma
  2. Zebracadabra
  3. KYakerDude
  4. halfvoid
  5. whovian
  6. geigerm
  7. new entry?

possible meta game for this thread:
the first King to be crowned as X will become the eternal Hastur, King in Yellow,
and this struggle will end then.


again i see a double match coming around the corner!
my tourney game vs hardco went wrong right from the start and is pretty much decided already.
so another Hardco vs Holsten match upcoming soon.
feel free to postpone the tourney final because no other players waiting for their match in the tourney any more :smirk:

feels like when the same two clubs are playing it out in the Premier League and in the FA Cup Final as well :expressionless:


The king is once again dead, long live the new… or even older… or whatever, I am the king :joy:

Gg @Hardco.


@HolstenKnight got an all green deck pretty early. I tried to pick up whatever green I could, but there wasn’t much of an opportunity for me to keep up… Such is Cthulu Realms!



Badass HolstenKing IV in Yellow is back to dirty business :sunglasses:
Hall of Kings:
HolstenKing IV
King Geigerm II
KYakerKing II
King Zebra II
King Hardco
King Jamma

next slaughtered victim will be…ME :scream:
(well, at least my new Steam Avatar is unimpressed)
line of victims:

  1. Zebracadabra
  2. KYakerDude
  3. halfvoid
  4. whovian
  5. geigerm
  6. Hardco
  7. new entry

the first King to be crowned X will own the title and end the thread.


Yeah, put me back in the queue…


I love my new king in yellow picture as much as I loved breaking bad :grin:
Thx @JammaTal


what kind of Bad Dad would i be if wouldn’t know what my boys love :yum:

even if in case of Ole that means…no boardgames or boardgame apps :sob:

must be my biggest fail as father. although i tried, oh how i tried.
i remember wishing me from him as birthday present to play a game of Trajan with Arne and me. and he won! but even that did not click for him :disappointed:
sigh…but…i will never give up.
but the more he loves digital gaming in all forms. handhelds, mobile, consoles, PC. a real “game devourer” he is, quite the contrary to @Private_Prinny LOL
he even rushed through tough cookie Darkest Dungeon in no time.
X-Com 2, Skyrim, Fallout 4 could all not resist for long.
each Zelda game ever published fell down so fast. several Monster Hunter games too. extra content included.
even Disgaea could not stop him. digging through level what-do-i-know (80? 90?) inside of some artifact sword. what a crazy game. he loves it as much as all Persona games.
and now he even studies digital game design.
but boardgames…no Sir.

Cthulhu Realms Tournament

…umm I might not get the message here but nowadays I am more devoured by my backlog than the other way around. And with my recent rant its pretty much evident that I am currently swinging back to handheld, console and pc away from the mobile desaster that is “not sure if that game still works in a couple of months or so”

And Boardgames? I am still waiting for my copi(es) of “Fleet Commander- Genesis” Admiral level. By the way a great KS campaign that was.
For the first time in maybe a decade I may have spent more money on plastic and cardboard than digital goods in 2016 (Magic: the Gathering, Ascension, Star Realms, Fleet Commander - Genesis, tons of Battlefleet Gothic Minatures) and that includes the purchase of a PS4 Pro at christmas :slight_smile:


no message, Officer Prinny, just a harmless joke on your gigantic backyard of unfinished games.
the same for me.
many dozens of unfinished games. sometimes short before the end. i don’t like to “finish” a much loved game.
i left Zelda Windwaker when i had reached the final tower/castle.
then Ole snatched my save file (had asked me for allowance) and finished the game.
but it really hurt that the save file was overwritten and gone then :frowning2:

i’m totally with you when it comes down to mobile gaming (esp iOS!).
no serious gaming platform (any longer).
i have lost so many games, “stolen” from my “purchased” archives.
on iOS we don’t “own” nothing. it’s all about leasing.
drives me mad.
i have returned to consoles and handhelds, just like you.
when there is a choice, i prefer console.
Steamworld Heist, the X-Com games, Battle World: Kronos, Armello etc

only exception is FTP stuff and are digital boardgames.
but some losses too: Alien Frontiers, Hacienda, Samurai (still in purchased, but pulled from appstore),
Qin (pulled), Stone Age (MP crippled), Assassin’s Creed CG, Solforge and more.
unsupported and no longer functioning on new iOS build, publisher out of business, pulled from appstore or vanished from my purchase archives or essential MP crippled by abandoned GC.
Playstation slogan is “this is for the Gamers!”
for iOS this would sound like pure cynicysm.


I am still the king after a good and close match against jamma… next… oh no, not my nightmare zebracadabra again. :fearful:

Let the horror show begin :grin:


Hall of infamous Kings:
HolstenKing V (halfway on his journey to X)
King Geigerm II
KYakerKing II
King Zebra II
King Hardco
King Jamma

next match: HolstenKing V vs Zebracadabra
order of challengers:

  1. KYakerDude
  2. halfvoid
  3. whovian
  4. geigerm
  5. Hardco
  6. Jamma
  7. new entry

go Zebra go! you must stop the HolstenKing in his tracks
and ascend to #2 on the leaderboard as King Zebra III.


He doesn’t stand a chance.



What happened? I think I’m up next.


Still struggling. He has me in his jaws, trying to compress the life out of me. I’m reading him Siddartha, trying to get him to go insane. It’s not working…


Truth be told: Holsten beat me easily. I was a factor only on turn one. Lol. Gg vs. the one true King!

And now I take my rightful place at the back of the line. Next!


good grief! Breaking Badass HolstenKing on a winning streak :persevere:
Hall of Kings:
HolstenKing VI
King Geigerm II
KYakerKing II
King Zebra II
King Hardco
King Jamma

next assault to dethrone him: KYakerDude vs HolstenKing VI
line of challengers:

  1. halfvoid
  2. whovian
  3. geigerm
  4. Hardco
  5. Jamma
  6. Zebracadabra
  7. new entries welcome!

first player to be crowned as X will win the title KIY and close this thread.


Now that I beat my nightmare, its time to go insane and go for king X :grin:

Good game Alan. :blush: