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I adore my self checkout when I don’t have many items. It is quick, convenient, and hasn’t ever once given me a problem. It seems a strange thing to complain about.



I don’t think I have ever NOT had a problem in a self-checkout. I stop shopping at stores where the primary means of service is self-checkout. Moreover, as someone who worked for a time as a unionized cashier, I’m against self-checkout on principle.


Regularly have problems with self-checkout, and even more with self-scan, where you scan items as you go around the shop. I know it will end up as as shopping in a panopticon because of convenience, but I’m opposed to that completely. We’re surveilled far too much as it is.


I think self checkout is the best thing since sliced bread. Rarely the checkout will skitz out, but the vast majority of the time it’s quick and easy. There’s a dedicated member of staff who can always quickly authorise alcohol purchases, rather than taking a guess which cashier has supervisor privileges. I worked in a supermarket as a teenager so scanning and bagging isn’t an odd thing for me to be doing.



The difference is, you were paid to do it then.



Its so nerdish yet so gooooood :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




It is the 2nd Century BC.

The city of Rome has conquered Italy and dominates the Western Mediterranean. But all the wealth of those conquests has concentrated in the hands of the richest Senatorial families.

The growing economic imbalance is creating agitation among the impoverished plebs who want land reform and wealth redistribution.

Meanwhile, the population of Italy is sick of not being treated as full and equal citizens of Rome. They want to the right to vote and due process of law.

On top of all that, beyond the borders of Italy foreign enemies lurk, waiting for a chance to defeat the mighty Romans.

These are treacherous times. You are a Senator and Consul of Rome. Can you save the Republic?

What would you like to do first?



I can’t stop laughing.


And here they just wanted a simple block of flats.


Disney World needs one of those right next to the Small World ride…


Gotta love a good Python reference. :smile: