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Read this one in print - great article and an interesting hypothesis.




Yes some good quality cough mecha anime…if there ever was one.
I am not a fan of Mamoru Oshii’s usual work ( I still think the 2 Ghost in the Shell movies by him are some of the most overrated animated piles of crap of all time - and that coming from a Ghost in the Shell nerd) but the Patlabor MOVIES he did are actually really decent…his style fits the Patlabor theme better I think.

Should rewatch the OVA and TV series tough…among another 170 other anime series as well…so much to do…







Had a good read and a good laugh…yeah I noticed that phenomenon in my early days back in the 90s when I started with that particular hobby. It has only gotten more crazy. I specifically pause each and every Anime when some romanji appear on the screen to investigate.

Should I laugh or cry about the fact that I
a: know about 2/3rd of the listed examples in the article…
b: that there are even bigger/obvious/crazy versions of filler out there?

Also, know about the craze to use German words in Mangas and Animes because German is 10 times as cool as English (to the Japanese nerds)?
If you think the Engrish is bad you don’t even know half of it…


True true…

All credits to Maliki’s Blog which I just discovered today…



Dude… knew I shouldn’t have clicked that during class. :cry:


Aye, not safe for tears. Fucking gutting.


Keynes, the Labour Movement, and How to Pay for the War, Richard Toye

‘The adoption of my plan would require the approval of the Labour
Party. But they will never be asked to approve inflation. It
will just happen.’ - John Maynard Keynes, The Times, 28 November 1939





Interesting but way tooo long read…can we limit the linked stuff to 2-3000 words please? *
My “unproductive” online time is going up and upper :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

*totally not serious