The Glass Teat, or 'Television'


I’ve still got 2 episodes left in Stranger Things Season 3 but I quite enjoy it thus far.

It did get me thinking, though, that it would be really cool to see a competently-done D&D series or film and see some of the more iconic D&D monsters on screen. A true mind flayer or beholder or something like that would be great.


This is interesting for everyone, but I think @Private_Prinny is going to be most excited.


This is for our fearless leader, @ Neumannium

It’s not out yet, but it’s going to be later this year. They’re also doing a spin-off TV series set in the 60s featuring Miss Fisher’s neice, but not including Essie or any of the other actors from the originals series.


The casting information for the Wheel of Time series is slowly trickling out. The actors don’t exactly look the way I imagined them, but I don’t care all that much as long as there is some internal consistency. In the series, there are some very clear regional/ethnic distinctions, and I hope this is well-represented in the series.


Here’s a show that most of us would have at least tried (despite the presence of Mr. Gere):

“Richard Gere was set to star as one of two elderly Vietnam vets and best friends who find their monotonous lives upended when a woman they both loved 50 years ago is killed by a car. Their lifelong regrets and secrets collide with their resentment of today’s self-absorbed millennials and the duo then go on a shooting spree.”

But Apple TV changed their minds: