The Glass Teat, or 'Television'


Man if I have just watched the first episode of Watchmen and it was not just promising but good, what even is this world any more.


Never read the comic, so had to brush up on the backstory, but really loving Watchmen. Well worth the… ahem… watch.


Whaaaat? What are you doing? Dude, stop watching and read it! Not only because it’s excellent, but because it’s pretty much necessary if you will be watching a sequel show.


I feel like they’ve done a good job of making the show accessible to readers and non-readers alike, but it should be read because it is just that good. I’m on my nth re-read as a refresher…


Final Space. A little bit shonky around the edges, and a little bit lacking, but nevertheless still enjoyable. The story of an idiot and his misfit crew versus a thread to the entire universe, which is not quite soft enough for kids and yet without enough edge for adults. Has just enough good jokes to keep me watching.

More Watchmen: this can’t pan out to be good, right? It is going to end up being shit, yes?

Letterkenny makes me so happy. Finely honed comedy.