The Glass Teat, or 'Television'

Man if I have just watched the first episode of Watchmen and it was not just promising but good, what even is this world any more.


Never read the comic, so had to brush up on the backstory, but really loving Watchmen. Well worth the… ahem… watch.

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Whaaaat? What are you doing? Dude, stop watching and read it! Not only because it’s excellent, but because it’s pretty much necessary if you will be watching a sequel show.


I feel like they’ve done a good job of making the show accessible to readers and non-readers alike, but it should be read because it is just that good. I’m on my nth re-read as a refresher…

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Final Space. A little bit shonky around the edges, and a little bit lacking, but nevertheless still enjoyable. The story of an idiot and his misfit crew versus a thread to the entire universe, which is not quite soft enough for kids and yet without enough edge for adults. Has just enough good jokes to keep me watching.

More Watchmen: this can’t pan out to be good, right? It is going to end up being shit, yes?

Letterkenny makes me so happy. Finely honed comedy.

The beauty part of Baby Yoda fever is that everyone spends so much time talking about him, nobody actually gets around to spoilers. I am glad, because The Mandalorian is my favorite Star Wars…anything in fifteen years. It’s old-fashioned but not hokey. Has the deliberate pacing of an AMC drama yet the action scenes are kinetic and engaging. It’s funny, and has an eclectic cast that it puts to good use. I have spoken.


Legion S3 giving me all the best galaxy brain moments.

Started watching Lucifer, just to see. After three eps, I have to ask, if anyone here has seen this: Is the payoff worth it? In other words, does this go somewhere interesting? Is the eventual reveal about the female lead rewarding?

I lasted only a little longer and found it to be a complete waste of time.

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I watched all available seasons…twice.

I did like it. I may have a sweet spot for ridiciolous plot twists and inuendo gallore.
Also I watch a lot (A LOT) of police /detective drama stuff, so my resistance to the “murder of the week” plot-barf-machine may be a bit higher than standard.

I would say try to stick around a little longer. However the gags and sometimes cringes will stay albeit less frequent than in the beginning so if that is a no-go for you feel free to bail out now.

But I believe the story gets better as the “plot thickens” and while it takes a while the character development kicks in good later on good.

For example:
In the beginning the psychotherapist lady who “therapies” Lucifer is played for shit’n giggles and to get laid by Lucifer at a mere drop of the hat, but from that pretty one-dimensional approach she develops in all new ways later on.
Same with Lucifer’s Bodyguard Demonette (being hot™ and nothing else in the beginning) and his brother (being annyoing™ and nothing else in the beginning).

In the second season (if you stay that long) Tricia Helfer gets thrown into the cast, and while I despised and loathed the lady every second she was on screen in Battlestar Galactica (expect one(!) episode) she is a riot in this series.


Likewise, watched all of the seasons so far. Agreeable popcorn tv, was amused and entertained, and as noted by @Private_Prinny, the characters do evolve and develop and the later seasons do mix things up. Actually argued with Mrs StC about whether the final episode was good or not (my view; yes, dramatically correct, and unexpectedly consistent with the Mythos as developed: her; no way, and where’s [how do we do spoiler tags here?])

ETA: yes, I know it’s since been renewed for a final final season. I fully expect our views on the actual finale to be reversed :grin:

EFTA: although tbh, if it hasn’t clicked with you after 3 episodes, it’s probably not worth carrying on. This isn’t Breaking Bad or Dark, where perseverance is needed and rewarded.


Watched the season finale of The Watchmen on HBO last night, and I have to say that I loved this season. I really enjoyed the evolution of that world and the story they told.

I went to go see how it was being perceived on like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, and discovered the show is completely polarizing in response. They I realized (which I had not at first) that the show runner is Damon Lindelof, and then it all made sense, and not sure how I completely did not know that. But I loved both Lost and The Leftovers, and now my love for this all makes sense along with the great divide in opinions of the show.

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Is Better Call Saul actually good or is it just praised for the Breaking Bad association?


We do them with the spoiler tag. (spoiler)(/spoiler) (use square brackets)

This is a spoiler!!!


It does not have any episodes as good as the best BB ones. But it also has fewer valleys to go along with fewer peaks. It’s a slow burn but ultimately well worth the time. Kim Wexler will make you forget how terrible the BB female characters largely were. Mike is Mike, and that’s enough for me. Jimmy is heartbreakingly funny, and even though you know the end it still makes you root hard for those moments where it seems it might not come to pass.


Couldn’t have said it better myself, though I haven’t seen Breaking Bad so I can’t compare the two.

But Better Call Saul is phenomenal, even for somebody who hasn’t seen BB.


First there was Watchmen, now this. Y’all are crazy.

I really like Watchmen but Lindelof is televisual plague. I have no idea how Watchmen is as good as it is, I presume someone has a gun to his head.

The problem is…they doo way too much “Detective + Idiot at crime scene” stuff in the beginning…thankfully they toned it down in the later episodes…

Watched BB and BcS (BcS only halfway trough season 3 - better catch up)

They are good in their own way but aside from sharing world/characters they are pretty different beasts.
BcS is a bit much on the slooooow burn side, but at least I could stomach it way better than BB “family interactions” of the main Cast…I have a high resistance to cringe, but sometimes I was staring into my navel half an episode long in BB because of that…

And I like courtroom drama…the confrontation between Saul and his brother in court was pure gold! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Glad I’m not the only one who felt this way! I loved BB and am glad I stuck with it, but I definitely took a few breaks after watching particularly cringe-worthy sequences.

BcS hasn’t completely hooked me yet. I’m a couple of episodes into the second season, but I’ll stick with it.