The Glass Teat, or 'Television'


What We Do In The Shadows. I enjoyed this, but it seems unnecessary to alter the setting and cast British actors in the leads. You’ve just genericised away half of what made it interesting. It’s funny and everyone involved did well.


I will say, living in Bensonhurst Brooklyn which is practically a stone’s throw from Staten Island, the location has added an extra bit of humor for us.


The Handmaid’s Tale season 3: The Emotional Assfuck Continues, on Hulu.

Still fantastic, still dystopian, still leaves me feeling like I need to drink a scotch whilst showering and simultaneously punching something… yet I still come back for more. If that’s not the mark of a great show, I don’t know what is.

*caveat emptor, I do heart me some dystopian shit… and this show puts the dys in dystopian.


Fleabag. Started it not knowing what I was getting into and ended up binging the entire 12 episodes over two nights. Brilliant and gut-wrenching and funny. The end scene of season 2 had me sobbing at my iPad at 2am. I tend to cry a lot at movies, but it passes. This one is sticking with me and I’m thinking about it all day.

I told a friend about it and he couldn’t get through the first episode, so YMMV.


Happy. A completely stupid silly series that made me laugh a lot. Completely ridiculous.


Anyone watch Dark on Netflix? Added it to my watchlist at some point but never got to it, just saw a second season dropped.


It was interesting. English dub was terrible. First season left me with a lot of questions and I’m looking forward to watching season 2.


Worth a watch then, thanks! I hate dubbing - I watch most things with subtitles anyway so the German (?) shouldn’t be an issue.


IIRC we all enjoyed the first season when it came out. Subs not dubs.


Can’t explain it, but I like this more than I should. I vote for an update to the thread heading - “The Glass Teat, Or ‘Television’: Subs not dubs.”