The Glass Teat, or 'Television'


1/3 way through. So stupid. But delicious. Still laughing at some of the jokes. Despite them being extremely silly. Totally on form.


Black Summer. The tale of what happens when a scifi Macguffin affects the sun, and tanning starts to turn black and brown people white. A searing indictment of racism and the exposure of prejudices, where tempers are frayed by record temperatures and racial infighting. Presented in a documentary style, families and societies are torn apart, Eye-opening, shocking, and it truly makes you think.

Not really. Made that up. It’s got zombies in it and it’s good.


Nightflyers. A mission to contact alien life launches, on what is possibly the most dangerous spaceship in existence. Haunted by ghosts, rogue robots, and a psychopathic telepath, by the second episode it’s unintentionally funny how many people are dying in such a short space of time. I’m invested now purely to see how big and flimsy the lies to cover up the deaths get.


Isn’t it a George R.R. Martin story? If so, the deaths shouldn’t be all that surprising.


It’s not the deaths, it’s the number and manner of them and the resultant excuses. “Ah yes, that entire security team who all died in a freak glazing accident.”


Kingdom. Competing plots for the throne of a dying king turns into something more when a sudden outbreak of illness (it’s zombies) etc. Korean setting is a winner.



Gah, too bad. Would’ve liked one more season to wrap it up nicely.


There is a certain show that aired an epic episode last night of which I won’t share a single detail. I am enjoying it; it is riveting; it is one of the best shows on TV; all that said, I do think it is suffering from having moved so far past the plot of the books upon which they are written. I don’t think the show runners have heard of Chekhov’s gun…


I only read book 1, and after season 2, and although I liked the book, I decided to wait until the book series was complete before going on (I should have done this with WoT in the past).

I don’t now how you create a multi-season story when the source material is not complete…there were bound to be lose ends. I had said going into last season, that it was only going to be about consolidating all of the story lines, and moving all of the pieces to one place…and for the most part that was all of last season.

Agree, it was epic last night…at least what we could see of it…“I attack the darkness!”


I read all the books before getting into the show and kind of wish I hadn’t, as I didn’t get the level of enjoyment from major plot points on the show that people who went in blind did. Now, I wonder if I’ll read the remaining books when (if?) they’re released. The encyclopedic nature of Martin’s writing makes the TV show a little easier to digest, IMO.


Game of Thrones has raised the bar for fantasy TV shows. Admittedly, the bar was very low, but still. A good episode. Valar morghulis.


Valar Dohaeris.

Agreed about the lack of quality with fantasy TV. Perhaps the Lord of the Rings series can keep the quality going. I would love the Wheel of Time series to also be quality, but I’m rather pessimistic about those odds.



Chernobyl, on HBO. Fantastic acting about one of the more horrifying occurrences of our lifetime. No spoilers, but it’s a must watch.


The accompanying HBO podcast is a must-listen too. Creator Craig Mazin talks about each episode and gives a great deal of insight into the production of the show. The attention to detail is remarkable.


Wow, had no idea about that! Will definitely have to check it out!


“Halt and Catch Fire” is something I’ve happily discovered here in the UK. Starting season 2 and have avoided reading anything about it, but it has the air of something based on real events during the 80s computer boom. Anyone know (without spoilers!) how close to reality the people, places, and things are?


Barry season 2 is even funnier than the first season. I just finished the episode with the little girl and was just about rolling on the floor.


I am about half way through Love, Death + Robots on Netflix and damn is there some amazing animation in there. And so far most of the stories have been quite good. WARNING: NSFW

We started Good Omens on Prime tonight and I was pleased with epsidoe 1. Will see how it goes. It has been 20 years since I read the book, so I barely remember it anyway.