The Glass Teat, or 'Television'


1/3 way through. So stupid. But delicious. Still laughing at some of the jokes. Despite them being extremely silly. Totally on form.


Black Summer. The tale of what happens when a scifi Macguffin affects the sun, and tanning starts to turn black and brown people white. A searing indictment of racism and the exposure of prejudices, where tempers are frayed by record temperatures and racial infighting. Presented in a documentary style, families and societies are torn apart, Eye-opening, shocking, and it truly makes you think.

Not really. Made that up. It’s got zombies in it and it’s good.


Nightflyers. A mission to contact alien life launches, on what is possibly the most dangerous spaceship in existence. Haunted by ghosts, rogue robots, and a psychopathic telepath, by the second episode it’s unintentionally funny how many people are dying in such a short space of time. I’m invested now purely to see how big and flimsy the lies to cover up the deaths get.


Isn’t it a George R.R. Martin story? If so, the deaths shouldn’t be all that surprising.


It’s not the deaths, it’s the number and manner of them and the resultant excuses. “Ah yes, that entire security team who all died in a freak glazing accident.”


Kingdom. Competing plots for the throne of a dying king turns into something more when a sudden outbreak of illness (it’s zombies) etc. Korean setting is a winner.