The Glass Teat, or 'Television'


I love character redemption arcs. I also love when the vile show signs of decency. I liked when Swearingen jumped off the balcony to protect Alma, and later took her in after Ellsworth. I like the idea of Swearingen trying to clean up his brothel, even if it is completely self-serving.


Is this an Onion story?


What, it makes you cry? Possibly.


LOL! Once you lose trust, and integrity, it’s hard to reclaim … :thinking:


The Widow, on Amazon Prime. Kate Beckinsale is, appropriately enough, a widow searching for her allegedly deceased husband in the Congo. One episode in and it’s kind of tropey, pretty damn predictable, and hard to recommend so far. Will watch the second episode just to confirm.

Babylon Berlin, on Netflix. Germany post-WWI, pre-WWII; a cop is searching for contraband which could implicate someone in something unless it’s found and the Soviets are up to some nogoodniks. Good show so far, although none of the characters have grabbed me. In the original lilting and poetic German, so subtitle haters be forewarned.


Just finished True Detective season 3, two weeks or so behind the weekly releases.

The last episode is hands down the single best episode of television I’ve ever seen.


Is it not excellent? I loved it.


So good I want to watch it again. I literally cannot recall a better ending. If you (collective you) haven’t seen True Detective, stop what you’re doing and get thee to HBO right now. Season 1 was great. Skip season 2. Reconvene for the greatest ending ever in season 3 (seasons are their own chapters and not connected, so no reason to watch the disaster that was 2 - you’re not missing anything).


Now I’m intrigued. I thought S1 was good but not great, and it may have been a bit overhyped to me. S2 was nothing special at all and I lost all interest in S3. I’ll rethink that position.


Well worth sticking through to the end. You think you know what you know, but you don’t know (without the obvious GoT reference). I may or may not have had a tear in my eye. Great television - I can’t think of anything I’ve seen recently that was this good.


Interesting, thanks for the post. I thought True Detective Season 1 was good, I understood all the kudos, but it wasn’t a show that was strictly in my wheelhouse. I didn’t find it, personally, a favorite like HBO’s Deadwood or The Wire, so passed on watching Season 2 which I understood wasn’t near as good.

I’ll be picking HBO Now up again when Game of Thrones releases their final season next month, I’ll put down True Detective Season 3 to watch during my subscription time, as well. :sunglasses:


Started watching Deadwood based on all the chatter above. Decent so far, but please tell me the Reverend gets it or is written off the show - I hate the way that guy speaks.


There is apparently a reason he speaks the way he speaks…keep watching.


I hated him too, but by the end of the season I was happy he was a character on the show. As @Mirefox said, keep watching…


Watching The Order on Netflix (US), and it’s surprisingly compelling for what is at its core a teenagers-with-magic series. Secret magic society at college, the protagonist wants in, but not for the reasons any other person would, which is interesting. Then things start to happen that make it that much more interesting (and, yes, contrived, but not in a bad way), and you kind of aren’t entirely sure who to root for. Which I like in a show, personally.

Plus Matt Frewer is in this and actually gets a chance to act. He’s always good, but he’s given a lot more range than usual, and he nails it. Plus–and this may be the best part–they aren’t afraid to kill characters off. It’s not Game of Thrones-level, but characters die that you don’t expect to.

There’s also enough cleverness and humor that it never becomes too bogged down by taking itself too seriously (though it avoids the absurd campiness that IMO ruins Sabrina). It’s very well-balanced. I’m 7 eps (of 10) in, and I wish they’d renew for a second season already. I’d watch a lot of this.


The OA. Second series. Just as odd. Please don’t do a Lost. Please. Please.


We recently binge-watched and fell in love with The Good Place (I hope I haven’t already posted that LOL). A hilarious show that manages to get philosophical even as you’re having a belly laugh.

A great cast. Ted Danson is incredible.


Started watching that, unsure why I stopped. Might’ve been in the mood for gratuitous sex and violence? Will have to give it another shot.


Santa Clarita Diet series 3. Just gravy.