The Glass Teat, or 'Television'


True Detective S3 continues well. Dorff and Ali kill it in several scenes.

On reflection, House Hill Haunted etc was a good series, hindered by a dull first episode, and a stupid last episode. The bits inbetween, quality.



Bosch is ok–I also found it quite tropey, and the dialogue was at times hard to bear. But the pacing was strong and the plot was interesting. I think someone got it into their head that the lead actor could entirely carry the series, and it really should just be an ensemble show. He’s fine, but he’s not all that.

New season of The Magicians just started airing and is pretty absorbing. The previous season was excellent, and it’s hard to tell where this one is going just yet. It feels a little like a reset, of the characters and world.


Fully agreed. Just started season 2 and it’s not grabbing me as much as the first season did. I can see it being a filler show for when I’ve nothing else to watch.


Hmmm I watched the first season…not sure if I should continue reading these responses…


The Expanse Season 1,2,3

Finally, Season 2 and 3 are on Amazon Prime in Germany (and can be purchased there as well). Since, well forever, inside US Amazon hat exclusivity on the expanse, outside US Netflix had it (until today)…and I am not using Netflix so I am up for some good stuff now…hopefully

I am probably a founding member of Team #The-book-is-always-better but I might make a rare exception for the Expanse here.
Since the tender age of 11 when first watching “ALIENS” I am a die-hard fan of the creepy slow/eery/silent hard-fi stuff in space. Not the Lensflare-gasm of the new Star Treks or the PEWPEWPEWFLASHBOOMBANGChewbaka-makes-a-noise-here of the Star Wars franchise.

TV/Cinema needs more of that hard-fi stuff…way way more.


Oh, I hope Season 3 in on Prime in the US now! I’ll have to check sometime.

The Expanse is a strange thing for me. I liked the books, but don’t think they are amazing. Same with the show. It is certainly better than a lot of other sci-fi offerings, but it just falls short of greatness for me, and I couldn’t even tell you why.

I do think that one “issue” I have with it, if you could call it that, is that it kind of straddles the line between hard sci-fi and space opera and neither it nor I can figure out exactly what it is trying to be.

Overall, and in spite of any impressions I just gave, I to view the series - both book and TV - in a positive light.

Edit: It does seem that Season 3 is on Prime now, if I’m reading the website correctly. That’s good news for me!


Not that Space Opera is inherently bad (I devoured Peter F. Hamilton’s Commonwealth Saga and his Night’s Dawn trilogy)) but hard-fi is always tugging more on my heartstrings…

Expanse and Game of Thrones both are inflicted with “force awesome(well at least expansive/lore rich) books in a serialized mid-budget setting with all its shenanigans” and suffer for it a lot. If both had the budget and expertise which was poured in the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit films it would have been terrific. So it is at least tolerable…and the more space action and less Drama/Angst section the expanse shows the better for me…