The Glass Teat, or 'Television'


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Just superbly made, real craft and attention paid, which in turn rewards the viewer when they pay attention. So many little touches integrating details from previous episodes to the joy of nerds like me.



Such a great show.


Sometimes I wonder what makes someone a good actor; is it that they believably play a role? What about silly comedies where it doesn’t matter if I believe the person in the role, but they manage to evoke laughter.

Then there are times like when I watch The Americans. There is a scene in the final season where Matthew Rhys is watching his wife spiral out of control and his face contorts into such a look of anguish/rage that I knew, unequivocally, that I was watching a great actor.


True Detective. When was the last time Stephen Dorff was good? When was the last time he was in anything good? Blade? He’s incredible here by virtue of being not terrible, which is probably unfair and petty, but it’s hard to dispel the absolute torrent of shit he’s been paddling around in (Alone in the Dark, anyone?) for the last two decades. He’s firmly in Ali’s shadow though, and Carmen Ejogo should be in it more. Good start.


Can we agree that he has never been in anything good? Though if you’re using Blade as an example of “good” we may be at an impasse.

“Have I been in anything good? I shall think upon my career.”


I am fully prepared to die on that hill. The sequels were awful, but Blade wasn’t bad at all.


I enjoyed Blade. Not top tier movie-making or anything, but the first one was good.

Even Blade II wasn’t horrible. It was still fun.

The less said about Blade 3, the better though.


At least you’re both using the past tense, suggesting that you understand Blade was sort of good in 1998. And here in 2019, it is not.

To put it in context, Rushmore was also released that year, and it is still certainly good.


I won’t turn Blade off if it comes on and I’m doing something else. I can’t say that for every movie. :slight_smile:

But yeah, I wouldn’t seek it out or recommend it or anything.

Speaking of, I think Marvel has reacquired the movie rights to Blade. Do you think he should show up in the MCU?


Rushmore may be Anderson’s funniest film though. That’s not a fair comparison. It’s like saying an aspirin from 1998 may have lost some potency compared to this kilo of cocaine from 1998.


Ok, Pi was also released in 1998, and that film is still quite good, though most think Arronofsky has since made better.

Has Snipes ever made a better movie than Blade? Probably not.

All my movies are good.”


The problem with that is as soon as you introduce Blade into the MU, it opens the door for there to be vampire versions of all the heroes and villains, which would be awful.


I know Snipes would love to do it (he’s got bills to pay!)


I don’t think it’s going to happen given Snipes’ performance in the last few films, and I’m not sure Disney wants such an adult series.

Has Snipes ever made a better movie than Blade? Probably not.

Well he didn’t make Blade, just starred in it, but both the director and writer are idiots, so it was a fluke. Demolition Man is arguably better.


Excellent point. I’d forgotten that one.


I’m hankering for a chalupa now…


It is inarguably better, and that’s coming from someone who definitely enjoyed Blade. Demolition Man is hands down Stallone’s best action flick, Rambo or no Rambo. Funny as heck too.


Russian doll was worth a watch if you’re into that kind of thing. It doesn’t outstay it’s welcome either, with the few flat points quickly passing. I appreciate how it toyed with the genre, if there is such a genre. Not a blockbuster but an interesting exercise in the form.


Popped up in my feed, was wondering if it was worthwhile. Just started True Detective on HBO; MM and Harrelson are fantastic so far in season 1. Also watching Bosch on Amazon during my lunch break, since my work computer won’t play HBO - good and entertaining, if not a bit tropey