The Glass Teat, or 'Television'



I saw that. There has to be something going on with Disney and licensing because while I wasn’t surprised by the cancellations of Iron Fist or Luke Cage, Daredevil is some of the best Netflix-original programming I’ve seen.


I understand Iron Fist getting cancelled. I don’t get Daredevil going, as if there was a flagship for Marvel telly, this was it. Presumably Disney will be putting out new series on their streaming service? But I don’t know if they will(or have ever) put out adult content on something like that.


Netflix doesn’t actually produce these shows though, so is there a possibility that a season 4 with the same cast could be distributed by the new Disney network?


Who knows what the actual complexities are. Disney has stated, though, that they new streaming service is going to be for “family” entertainment and I do believe they have stated that they will not allow TV-MA on their streaming service. That said, they also partially own Hulu, which is where they stream their more mature programming. Time will tell.


The Patriot on Amazon Prime. A brilliant cast in this series about a spy working without official cover; everything and anything goes wrong to hilarious results (not slapsticky, though). Dark humor coupled with great acting make this my new favorite show; didn’t grab me fully the first episode, but I was hooked halfway into the second.

2 seasons so far, ten episodes each, an hour or so each episode.


Bauer Sucht Frau, from RTL (the German broadcaster) over a dodgy VPN. At this point, the German Stately Players will be going “oh, dude, really?”

It’s basically a dating programme, and it’s been going on for 14 seasons. A bunch of single farmers looking for love, companionship and someone to cook/clean/muck out the cowshed choose one or two potential ladies (and occasionally gentlemen) to live on their farm for a week. The couple are followed by a camera crew through a series of unconvincing and awkward staged conversations, which you start to recognise (the picnic! Potential wife helps out the farmer’s mother in the kitchen! The tractor lesson!).

For all that, there is an undeniable charm to the programme, with entirely ordinary, if occasionally poorly socialised, people getting along in a weird situation, and at least one or two genuine couples emerging in each season. Plus pretty landscapes, lots of affectionately-filmed animals, and all the Bavarians being subtitled because the rest of Germany has no idea what they’re saying.


I finally got up to USS Callister on Black Mirror; just from initial glances and the color scheme I could tell it would end up being some sort of simulation gone wrong, but it was so much more than that. Possibly my favorite episode of the series so far. Although it does seem to gloss over how crappy the real Nanette will feel given how things played out.


Guilty as charged ;-p

Lol—so true…but being a swabian myself (neighbour region to bavaria) I manage…the northern region dialects however…shudders

14 seasons? And you are still watching it? Man I am impressed…by your pain tolerance level at least…


Currently up to season 6 :grin: Although tvnow inexplicably doesn’t have season 4 available.

Well, I think Mrs StC is enjoying it for the nostalgia and a touch of Heimweh, being a daughter of Munich, and I can kid myself I’m practising my ugs German comprehension (and some of it is very ugs :wink: )


Travellers. I forgot about this for a little while, which was a big mistake. Series 2 is just as good, and certainly raised my eyebrows with its use of 9/11.


I enjoyed it when I watched it over the summer. Season 2 takes an interesting turn and I’m looking forward to seeing where they take it when season 3 releases this month.


I think 3 was just released!


I’m looking for impressions on Watership Down. The animation looks atrocious in the trailer but the story is good enough that I’ll proabay watch it at some point anyways.


The old one is great, albeit second only to Schindler’s List in the rankings of Films That Fucked Me Up As A Child. I have never and will never watch the new one.


Started it tonight; the animation definitely hits the uncanny valley (at least for someone with pet rabbits). But the kids are quite excited to have a show about bunnies, so we’ll see the rest.


Yes, that first movie was the stuff of nightmares!image



Just smashed series 1 of Patriot in two days, good shout. Excellent overall.


God yes. Fiver’s visions, the fight in the burrow and the Black Rabbit… hello children… My brother saw it at an even more impressionable age and couldn’t hear “Bright Eyes” for a long time afterwards without bursting into tears.

Basically it’s a post-apocalypse survivalist movie, that happened to be wearing a rabbit skin.

From Wikipedia:

…the film faithfully emulated the dark and violent sophistication of the book. […] When the film was first submitted to the British Board of Film Classification, the BBFC passed the film with a ‘U’ certificate (suitable for all ages, similar to the MPAA’s “G” rating), deciding that “whilst the film may move children emotionally during the film’s duration, it could not seriously trouble them once the spell of the story is broken and a ‘U’ certificate was therefore quite appropriate”.[5] In 2012, the BBFC admitted that it had “received complaints about the suitability of Watership Down at U almost every year since its classification”.[6] In the U.S. the film was rated PG due to the violent scenes

Yeah. None of your fluffy Disney, oh wah Bambi’s mother bought it, nonsense.