The Appocalypse is coming: Will your favorite apps survive?


Probably my favorite game on my current app-ocalypse list is Battle for Westnoth.

It was developed as an open source project, so it is completely free on OS X, Windows, Linux, even BeOS for heaven’s sake. For some reason the iOS app cost $4 but well worth it IMO. It’s got an average review of 5 stars from over 300 ratings on the App Store and 9/10 on the reviews mentioned on the Wikipedia page.

It’s got lots of hex-based maps, quests, cool fantasy characters and artwork, and a good UI. You can tell it was made for the love of the game and not with money in mind.

I guess I’ll be trying to fill up my swear jar in time to buy a new iPad Pro and keep this older iPad on iOS 10 until the end of its days as many people have strategized on another thread. Bleepity Bleeping Bleep!


I believe Osmos got a 64 bit update. Beamdog also posted they are updating Baldur’s Gate:EE


I for myself am sad to see my beloved Nightfall leave my iPad.

Still clinging to the fantasy, that Playdek are working in all silence on updating all their brilliant apps and expand them. I would have loved to see more Nightfall decks, a “can’t stop” multiplayer mode, a tournament mode for SW. Hell even games I do not play much like Penny Arcade, Food Fight, Fluxx, Tango Cuore would be a shame to abandon. Not that I wouldn’t mind a new game from them either…

A pity.


long ago an online portal for all Playdek games had been announced.
and wasn’t it even in beta ages ago?
there should have been integrated tournament modes, ranking lists, chatrooms and total connectivity as far as i remember.

the whole project must have been buried, just like the two Unsung Story games?


Yeah, anyone with the inclination and the time could do some internet research and learn a lot about the ups and downs of Playdek.

For my own selfish part, I’d also put up-to-the-minute Ascension expansions on my wishlist, along with expansions/support for some of their lesser-known titles (Fluxx, Penny Arcade, etc.).

And I can add, with complete honesty, that I literally cringed when I first heard about Unsung Story. There was just no way that project was ever going to work out; business history is littered with examples of companies that lost focus on what they did well for the sake of trying something new. Blech. So glad I avoided that one.

As a sidebar, I’d guess that the FTP revolution has hurt Playdek. They are a group that makes great apps that they need to charge money for … but today’s app consumer wants everything for free.


Right now, I’d settle for being able to run Twilight Struggle on my iphone…


Good lord. I remember that announcement; I think we had a big discussion over at PT That Used To Be Good.

2014 … wow.


Speaking of Unsung Story …


Great news, everyone! Honeycomb Hotel got updated a couple days ago.


Final Fantasy Tactics has an update on the way.


What the Heck?

Uh…if i had the time I would gleefully sandboard over the huge dunes and waves of salty salt over at kickstarter and whatever social community discusses on that game.

Honestly: My favourite Genre is SRPG and I am totally able to bear with the pains induced by some of the more atrocious offerings that genre has - also for being a fan of Playdak because of Ascension…but that personal union was so strange even back then I was thinking…cool…but why not less “blue stary sky” ideas and more of the same old?

Some Genres actually benefit more from sequels than others…even after a Bazillion of Disgaea games it never gets old…same for FFT…so why are people going to such lengths on past pedigree to innovate for innovations sake (and big schmexy headlines)…

Truly a sad (unsung) story…not only because…

no new shiney SRPG ever (unsung story will never be released, never!)
no tratidional SRPG with established fanbase
no focus on core products from Playdek due to restless salvaging attempts
no goodwill by longtime fans of playdek and SRPGs in future
and no progress on said core products…where is the Playdek Chat upgrade?

…did manage a short fly-by on KS. :fearful:
Yeah the campaign was a mess…but nevertheless the entitlement is strong there. People forget what kickstarter truly is. Was it badly executed? Sure, but all that “Refund” cries after investing into a high-risk project


uhm…dear sir, would you kindly unveil your sources?


It’s been all over the internet the past 2 days because of SE’s sale on FFT.


My thanks…

note to self:
try to reintergrate yourself more efficiently in social life after returning from the hospital…

My thanks…but…Squeenix if you are updating… then implement cloud saves!!!

Hey…a man can dream, yes?
I would have finished Secret of Mana and FFT thrice over if I could switch around between Pad and Phone…



:slight_smile: There was a big outcry as SE was apparently pulling a Slitherine (putting 32bit apps on sale with no announcement of upgrade to 64bit).

I had no doubt they were going to update FFT.


Given that FFT has separate phone/iPad apps, I think cloud saves are a pipe dream …


…I thought FFT had a cloud save slot, just not cross device cloud saving.

Or am I wrong there?


One day I will pop that back on and replay it.

It has been a while already. Good game, love the ff style srpgs (even the game boy ones; advance)


Rant in 3…2…1…

Ok, I give up. I just spent two hours on Apple’s newest batshit crazy bullshit trying to rectify a totally incredibly STUPID design choice on their part which they coated in sugarcoat lies to fuck us over again.

their newest iTunes version for the pc removes App store functionality…AND app management alltogether…

what this means? No download of apps trough iTunes, no manual app management etc.
This is a sneaky sneaky move to further screw us 32-bit App/ Game Nerds over.

I am at fault for not realizing this before updating to the newest version of iTunes.
Now I spent 2 hours for backing up my old mediathek and reinstalling an older iTunes version (newest iTunes 10.2.7) and it now complains it cannot open my iTunes libary.itl because it was made by a newer iTunes version.
After deleting the specific file I could run iTunes but it STILL doesn’t show my apps or any appstore

And also i still don’t know if restoring iTunes would help…what if they simply turn off the app store for iTunes alltogether (even for older iTunes versions) simply by updating the store to the newest iOS11 cough functionality by proclaiming the usual bullshit to present a more “sleek and fun use” of the iTunes “experience” as a pure “entertainment suite” or whatever…

Don’t update your iTunes to 10.2.7 yet
If you did, my comiserations
If you didn’t because you were less an idiot than me, good for you still backup your app libary right the hell now.

For any useful help I would be grateful. In the meantime sorry for the childish rant and for…


Maybe a little outside the purview of this site, but Lunar Silver Star Story updated. It is a great classic RPG.