The Appocalypse is coming: Will your favorite apps survive?


I’m not sure exactly how helpful this will be, but there a discussion about downgrading back to iTunes 10.2.7 here It is a Mac centric site so most of the discussion focuses on how to do it on a Mac but there may be links for doing the same on a PC. You may have to search around the thread a little to find what you want. No one there is pleased about the “update.”


I cannot begin to thank you enough for this warning.


So, now I have one iPad on iOS 10 and one on 11. The older one keeps bugging me to upgrade. Here are the games I would lose. I could live without most of them and not even notice, but some of them I don’t mind losing the games as much as my progress in them. Can’t they just implement cloud saves now in case they ever catch up to Apple’s upgrade shenanigans in the future? Especially looking at you Space Hulk, so much progress, a well-funded game developer, why no cloud save or 64-bit? And Battle Academy, that was a $20 game if I remember, no support for iOS 11?


If they were making any money on them, they would be updating them.

Given how terrible app performance has been on my iphone 6+ since I upgraded to ios 11, I’d recommend skipping the update for as long as it will let you…


It keeps prompting me, I hit disagree on the TOS, let’s see what happens there…


If you delete the downloaded update, you get more days before getting prompted to update.


call me a dummy, but how to do it?
have just noticed that my device has already downloaded that 11-moloch without my consent.
and the constant tricky and nasty buggings annoy me to the utmost :angry::rage::japanese_ogre:
one day i will be sleepy or tired enough to fall into the well hidden trap.

i’m so fed up with apple and their megalomaniac and ignorant behavior.
playing more on console (PS4/3DS) now and thinking about better playgrounds (Switch/Android tablet/Surface Pro).


Settings > General > iPad storage (may be Storage). Near the top (list is in order by size) will be the iOS update. Press it, then delete app.

Gives you about a week before the update is downloaded again.


Check out how to get the stealth 12.6.3 iTunes.

It works just like iTunes 12.6.2 but also works with iOS 11. The website implies that even if you’ve installed 10.2.7 you can get to this version. I don’t know if that is true or not, I just installed 12.6.3 directly.


thx, deleted.
i had thought it would be better camouflaged :grimacing:

annoying enough that it will always come back like an influenza or a bad habit.
apple must be crazy to pester their customers like that.

btw Holsten Knight suffers from the “links don’t function any more” bug since updating to iOS 11. you can imagine how p#$$€& he is.


Also, after deleting update you can turn off automatic downloads in settings to stop the update coming again. That way you avoid the potential of accidentally installing it.

Im staying on 10 forever I think. You’ll just lose too much…until I can’t get something that requires 11 that is.

It’s all a bit shite really.


Strange to say, but I am glad my wife’s iPhone 6 ended up in the ocean during our vacation in August. She had to get a new one, they had a buy 1 get 1 deal for the 7, so I upgraded early. Switched over a few days before the Appocalypse and made sure my old phone never updated so it can be my Wesnoth player when needed.


i have disabled each and every kind of automatic download.
but this 11-monster can’t be stopped to auto-download again and again, wasting 1.2 GB of my precious HD storage.
stressing my WiFi and battery on each unauthorized download.
is this apple-pestering legal?
i don’t want iOS 11!
so get off of my lawn, appesterers!


You could block the update server domain ( at your router, maybe? (If you use your iDevice on outside networks, this may not be as effective, but it’s possibly worth a shot.)


I think an extra device is the answer, for anyone who can buy, beg, borrow, steal, or whatever any sort of secondary iDevice.

Because you can’t fight tech upgrades forever. It’s the nature of how things work — tech moves forward. And it always will, whether you’re talking about VCRs, car stereos, or iPhones.

Personally, my main device is at 11, and I always update it. My backup (an older iPad Mini I got for $50) is used only for games and will stay at 10.


For lacking a better topic to post in…
Did anyone keep up with the recent updates to iTunes? I haven’t since they removed the App save functionality and since I get constant pop-ups when booting my PC to update (to 12.9.3 today) I am mildly curious if Apple backpedaled here and reimplemented the feature yet?

Not holding my breath for it, given their policy of third party-curating and stuff in relation to apps…


I’m on on my Mac, and the feature is not back.

Backpedaling on features like this is not something Apple is known for. I don’t know if someone on windows can confirm for 12.9.3.


Yeah, I wasn’t holding my breath much, given Apple’s stance on truly important QoL features.