The Appocalypse is coming: Will your favorite apps survive?


Caylus is in my yet to play folder. But it is low on the list for that very reason. I may never get to it before it is obsolete.


Yeah, Caylus was released and left to die. By its own developer.

Big Daddy’s, frankly, seems to understand marketing even less than it understands multiplayer.


Spit my coffee out at this. Well done, sir, well done.


I would like this post twice if I could.


:flushed: :open_mouth:
really? just to fix the multiplayer? for making private games happen?

app is installed on my ipad, and the compatibility check shows no problem for Eclipse.


No. Fix mulitplayer? That’s crazy talk. Just so it will work on 64 bit. Wait, it works? Then that’s all you can expect.


This situation, plus a lot of my older games just falling by the wayside, is making me be very discerning about what I buy digitally. Books, no problem for the most part, same for comics from comixology. Steam has some staying power so I don’t mind buying games there. But ios/android? Each major update of iOS is bringing an apocalypse similar to WinXP to Vista, or Vista to 7, etc. Stuff I’ve paid for, just cast aside and no real concern. Square/Enix has been one of the biggest disappointments on the app store. 20.00 games and no updates for years. Hadn’t been able to play Final Fantasy Tactics for a long time, until a surprise update hit sometime last year… and even then it was hit or miss. 20.00 or 2.00, if I pay money for it, I expect it to function for years (5+).

It’s even worse if the game has some sort of online component or cash store to buy into the game’s currency. I don’t care how much I like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, or the Fate series. If the dev can just arbitrarily turn the app off because they don’t want to maintain it anymore, I’m unlikely to being supporting it.

Sorry…I think I’ve been saving up this rant over app stores, oses, and money for some time. I hope it makes sense.


Recent Examples:

Secret of Mana iOS
No Cloud Saves, so no transfer between iPhone 6 and iPad. I have found that playing action heavy games like SoM on my Go-to device (the iPad Air) can tire you out especially if you go for the longer sessions.
In comes the iPad Mini…I use it specifically for badly ported iPhone games (like Secret of Mana) because it is the perfect middleground…only I had to start yet again from Scratch. and had to look real long and work extra hard to get it re-installed on my iPad Mini (seems to be taken off the appstore)

Thank good for Cloud Save in FF5…too bad it wasnÄt implemented in FF Tactics -.-

Wayward Souls
Very very great game. Roguelike/ Roguelite from Rocketcat games. No way to transfer saves/progress. Possible victim of Apple’s Operation “32bit Killswitch”

Storm Casters (ultra)
A very very nice roguelite twin-stick shooter with unique card based Mechanic. Art direction cries Torchlight meshed with Hearthstone.
Great game, the game is F2P (generous F2P imho F2P done ight) and I opted specifically to bury it under 25 of my hard earned Euros to vote with my wallet and give the Devs some money for their hard work. But no way to transfer progress between devices or restore purchases.

One game is a rather high profile game from Sqare Enix, the other a damn good game with quite some invested cash…a bit salty now even if I still think the money was invested on the right basis.
The result will be when I update my iPad Air (or get an iPad pro down the line) I will consciously kill Storm Casters for good…because no way in hell will I restart over even if it was one of the three best Invbentions of mankind since sliced bread.

I will keep my iPad mini on the latest iOs 10.X forever and try to hide it in a well guarded ivory tower. Seing my 3 device-lists of soon to be dead apps makes me want to cry.


Hey, That’s My Fish! HD from FFG was just updated to support 64-bit iOS devices. Perhaps it’s a sign their other board game apps will be updated, as well.


Looks like the-game-I-suck-so-hard-at-suck-isn’t-even-the-right-word FTL just updated for 64-bit support and minor bug fixes… so I can keep sucking even in iOS 11.


Ha! I’m right there with you. I really enjoy the game, but wow, I am bad.


Isn’t the developer re-skinning Hill 218 as a sci-if game and re-releasing it in print and digital? Or am I just having another insane delusion?


You aren’t - he successfully kickstarted a reprint of Hill 218 and the remake, Sector 219. I’m embarrassed to admit kickstarting it and never playing either, so I can’t confirm if / how they differ. Sector 219 was also supposed to be released digitally, but I honestly have no idea where that stands.


Funnily enough, the android beta just opened today, with iOS to follow. I’ve played the physical card game only a little; in my experience, Hill 218’s artillery and Heavy Weapons are overpowered, leading to a very defensive game in which positional play can be summed up as “don’t leave a unit where your opponent will have a supported attack”. 219 nerfs the right units, and gives you a really neat unit which is great in support, but can’t attack at all. So there’s a more delicate approach to setting up good positions. I really liked it, and thought it shook up the formula in positive and important ways without making the rules any more complicated.

Anyway, we’re already in touch with Nils about doing something soon. Nils Hellberg, you may recall, is both the developer and also our old webmaster, back when we were at Pocket Tactics (and presumably still fills that role, for those of us who split our time).


The lone shocker in the bunch: Lords of Waterdeep. I don’t play it often–and maybe nobody does, which is why it hasn’t been updated–but I do really enjoy the game.

This may be old news (9 June) but I found that LoW will get an 64bit Update later this year here (trough googling I don’t frequent that site…is it a good source for info?)

Since this seems semi-confirmed…off to the tournament section to ping interest for a LoW Tourney.


Hm…I hate it that there is no easy way in iTunes or Appstore to find out which applications will be nuked from orbit via the impending iOS11 Weapon of (M)ass Destruction.

Sure there is the new shiney option since iOS 10.3.2 to go to General/About/Applications to see which INSTALLED apps are soon-to-be-dead™, but what about the OWNED ones? :-/

The rules put out by Apple are that

NEW apps since Feb 2015 and
UPDATES since June 2015

had to be 64bit ready, but to go trough the whole storefront/purchase list to hunt for the “last updated” dates is…mindboggling numb…


(Just because I could with my new device) I went on an install-apps-like-crazy-spree to see how many of them are to be nuked…simply frightening.

Most prolific ones (for me) at least for the moment:

X-COM:Enemy Within
Final Fantasy Tactics
iWesnoth HD
Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun Dragonfall

Why are not more devs like the crazy guys at Kemco? 50 released RPGs on iOS since the dark days of the birth of the appstore back in whenever and only 2 apps (two!!!) are in my “apps-that-need 64bit-update” list.


Big studios who fail to update their apps drive me nuts. I understand smaller outfits not having the time/manpower/money to dedicate to the effort, but what’s the excuse for the big guys?


Warhammer Quest is now 64-bit compatible! :+1:


Good news! I actually just passed up starting a new adventure because I assumed my game would be gone sooner or later. I’m actually surprised it got an update considering the sequel is in the works.