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The story, I’m told, is that Herbert’s estate didn’t want to license the property piecemeal. So when the new film rights got bought, the people who bought the whole bundle then sold on the boardgame’s rights.

Dune is a fantastic game. For those who don’t know, it was designed by the Future Pastimes guys when they were at the peak of their creativity (Cosmic Encounter, Borderlands, Quirks, etc.).

It might be the most asymmetrical game I’ve ever played. The factions play totally differently. I won once without ever moving a piece.

I used to run Play By Forums games. We’d make a thread for each turn (15 used to be the max) and then sub-threads for important stuff on those turns. The group I was in could do a 6-player game in about two weeks.

Good times, man. GOOD TIMES.


Don’t even get me started on those jackasses.

No one has done more to hold Dune back than Herbert’s heirs and the parasite known as Kevin J. Anderson.

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Any thoughts on any of this lot? I’ve got a board gaming get away in a couple of weeks and one of the players can bring some, but not all of these.

  • Trismegistus
  • Maracaibo
  • Cooper Island
  • Expedition to Newdale
  • Crystal Palace
  • De Vulgari Eloquentia
  • Terramara
  • On the Underground
  • Pret-a-Porter

Anything I should ask for so I make sure I don’t miss it?

Haven’t played any of them, but I watched the Heavy Cardboard playthroughs of Trismegistus, Cooper Island (that made me buy it) and Crystal Palace.

Crystal Palace looks amazing, but I’m concerned about the “take that” that can be involved in it. But I love the “make the dice whatever amount you want but you have to pay for each pip” mechanic.

I highly recommend checking out the playthroughs if you can. They really show you how the game works, and they also teach the game (there’s always a teach right before they play it)


Pret-a-Porter, De Vulgari Eloquentia, Crystal Palace.

I did a review of the really quick filler card game Fantasy Realms, which is actually quite a lot of fun (the game is too!). It even has teenage angst!

Also did my SHUX 2019 edition of New to Me Games for October (10 games!).

And I’m sure I’ve missed a few posts here and there if you want to check them out.

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Posted my latest review, a really good 2-player deck-builder with a map game called War of the Worlds: the New Wave.

I love these lunchtime games.

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You’ve some good stuff in there, esp. as it’s mostly things that are definitely passing me by. A good read!

Thanks for the kind words! And for checking them out. I try to do a variety of things on there.

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I made my 6-year-old cry today playing chess. Yay, parenting…


Good stuff man.

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I’m trying to do my part to get 2 games over the P500 hump. They both sound really cool.

The first is The Barracks Emperors, a trick-taking game like I’ve never seen before. It’s set during the same time period as the designers’ Time of Crisis (which is my #1 or #2 favourite game of all time)

The second is Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East which is a sister game to the recent Take That extravaganza Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea. This one looks even more chaotic.

And yet fun.

That second post was written late at night, and it probably shows how I was losing my mind a bit. Entertainingly, I hope. :slight_smile:


Picked up Marvel Champions LCG.

Feels like Fantasy Flight taking a stab at making a less cumbersome version of Sentinels of the Multiverse.

And I think they’re succeeding.

Got my shiny new copy of Bus to the table last night and boy does that game ever hit the spot for me. BGG says 2 hours for play, but with the teach we wrapped in an hour and a half.

Also played Fresco as my friends wanted to see if they wanted to keep it in their collection. Verdict was: nope, unnecessary. I thought I hadn’t played before but apparently had ages ago. Clearly wasn’t very memorable.


I am really regretting that I did not sit down and demo Marvel Champions LCG at Pax last weekend. I got really caught up playing White Wizard Games, and just never made the time. It does look good.

I will say that I picked up a copy of Kapow! that WWG just acquired and it is a great game. I taught my wife and 7yo to play and the decision making is a little hard for my daughter, they play as a team against me.

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Anyone played previous car wars editions? Saw on Kickstarter and it looks interesting, but plays slow?

I’ll put in a strong recommend for Gaslands if you want a more streamlined car-bashing game.

I did a review of a superb 2-player game that is playable in half an hour.

Watergate from Capstone Games is probably one of my favourites from this year.