The Actual Table


The exact same thing happened on Friday with our first table top game of terraforming Mars. My wife’s first game, flogged is all.

I blame using a prelude - it threw my engine. I came second with an amazing income, but the game finished in Age 6!!! Who does that???


I don’t even know how you’d be finished by gen 6. My engines normally only just revving up by 5


I know right?

We played with Prelude expansion, which means you select two extra company cards to go with your Corp card.

And we played start on 1 income for each category. So yeah, turbo game


Very interested in this boardgame: Oathsworn, into the deep wood. Kickstarter campaign started today, day 1 backers get an extra gift.

Have seen some vids. Great worldbuilding, choose your own adventure. Also the option to back a standee version (main characters model and enemies as standee) but the miniatures also looking great.
So I backed but on the fence if I will go for the standee version or the miniature version.


So Undaunted Normandy is pretty decent. So far I’ve taken three players through the first scenario this week, and it’s been interesting to watch different people explore the system, which is quite easy to grasp and fairly basic, giving you control of a platoon and setting you against an equal force for control of objectives. Deckbuilding comes into it via unit abilities, with your deck also ablating away via casualties. Machine guns feel very powerful (which is accurate), and there appears to be either something I’m missing regarding close combat or the system simply ignores it, which is fair enough. Overall it’s a nice intro to wargames, with very little rules overhead, but thanks to the mechanics, it can easily dissolve into a stagnant firefight that goes on for far too long. It’s not going to replace Combat Commander, but there’s a lot to like.


I can see why you’d be interested in that–some of those “miniatures” are enormous. Already over $1Million on day one, so their extra gift promo appears to be working. I tend to avoid miniatures games, personally, but that’s a nice one. Though you might note–fulfillment is more than a year from now.




New Cohle Wehrle


I’m usually quite reticent to suggest a Kickstarter campaign, but there’s a new one I feel might appeal to our crowd. Co-op RPG that can be played in one-sitting, and can be played solo. And the excellent art is by Marian Churchland, whose work I like from comics she’s done (Arclight, for one very strong example). No miniatures, no early bird nonsense, and no pretend-“exclusives”.


Played two games of Vindication and a game of villainous today with my brother. So much fun!


New edition of Vindication?


Yep. Never played the old one.

I like the map approach


Sounds like one to slot next to Chicago Express.


Played a game of Coimbra last night, first play.

Not too bad, but there was a lot going on and things to consider. There was dice drafting, set collecting, track racing, some cute little wandering pilgrim mini game… all wrapped in some pleasant theme and brain burning decision making.

I ended up building too big an engine and kept maxing my coins and soldiers and couldn’t find anything good to spend on


Arrakiss my arse, free time.


I almost grabbed this today at my local Barnes & Noble. I know nothing about it, though, other than that I have a game night on Friday and Dune plays 6. Oh, and the IP is great.


It’s a 6P game with a somewhat messy ruleset, but it’s glorious if you can get the players.


What, did the old Avalon Hill edition miraculously get a reprint???


New edition, using some of the best PnP art/graphic design, and rules clarifications courtesy of decades of play.


Holy shit.