The Actual Table



Beer and board games with some friends I hadn’t seen all summer last night!

I played Jórvík for the first time, which holy crap, that style of bidding is so good! I typically don’t care much for auctions in games but this was done in such a neat way it worked very well for me.

Also played In Front of the Elevators , which now that I know some of the potential depth to it is even more interesting than it previously was!


Fog Of Love.

A board game my wife loves (she’s not keen on many).

Probably the best ‘play out of the box’ tutorial I’ve ever done.

I hadn’t read the rules before, and we finished our first game in half the time the tutorial suggested, and the instructions include how to set it up for the tutorial again.


I had Jorvik, but only got it played once before trading it away. It is a fun auction style


I finally got to play my first game ever of Rising Sun. We played with 6 players and 2 of them had horrible Analysis Paralysis, so the game went way longer than it should have. I probably wouldn’t play again with 6 unless there is no other choice.

That said, I thought the game was awesome. It really isn’t all that difficult to learn and the rules aren’t too complex. Some of the decisions were agonizing.

It helps that I won! I played as the Fox Clan. Having no strategy at all, I played to my special ability and figured I’d gain my points by showing up everywhere and dying. Unfortunately, my wife for some reason or another decided on the same strategy (grrr). I think it may have worked over the course of the game, but I switched up and in the second round picked upon all the ronin; I absolutely cleaned up that round. The final round was a nail biter and victory actually came down to one three way battle where everyone had a dozen or so coins, so there was a great stand up and yell moment at the end.

Good time.



It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a review, and then I posted two in a few days.

Le Havre: Inland Port is a 2-player game from Uwe Rosenberg that I felt decidedly “meh” about.

However, Welcome to Centerville is a lot of fun! It’s a dice game with city-building (though it’s more “joint” building)


My weekends are disappearing with my new gf, but I’ve made up for playing less board games by buying more board games.


Hotshots, Control, Gizmos, Holding On, and a handful of others, which I will definitely get played soon. Definitely.


If there’s one thing I know, its that if you build a big backlog, you definitely find the time to play them all…


Girls, man. Amirite?


I don’t have time for more than one…


I slipped in the irony puddle over there and hurt my back pretty bad…where fo I send my medical bills to?


Light game night yesterday. Both new games to me but both were quite nice.

Villages of Valeria sees you building an engine to build out your village in order have the best village in Valeria (and become the capital iirc?) by scoring the most VPs. Actions are chosen by the active player and can be followed by everyone else, at a higher cost or reduced benefit depending on the action.

Also played Villagers, which was a nice drafting tableau builder. Bit of engine building going on here too, though that manifests more as meeting requirements to build additional villagers.


Is Villages of Valeria the dice game that has similarities to Machi Koro and Space Base?

I played that at Terminal City Tabletop Convention in March and enjoyed it (I still like Space Base a bit better, though).


Nah it’s all cards. Action selection and card “drafting” I guess?


Ok, a different game in the Valeria series, then.


Sounds like that may be Corsairs (based on a quick BGG search) but I’m not familiar with the series.


Nope, it’s Valeria: Card Kingdoms.


Does anyone have experience with the cardboard version of Through the Ages? The app is easily a 10/10 and the game is amazing. I’m thinking about getting the game for the tabletop but as much as I love the game, I’m a little worried that the physical version might be a little fiddly with a lot of bookkeeping. Any opinions?


That’s an accurate read on it. The app takes care of so much moving of bits around.