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The tabletop game is incredibly fiddly, but if you’re playing with experienced players can still move quickly. All the fiddly upkeep can be done while someone else is taking their turn.

Then again, while I’m happy to own the cardboard version, I haven’t cracked the lid since the app arrived (and don’t see me doing so in the near–or far–future)


Having played the physical version before the app came out, I thought the game had a lot of potential but in practical play was way too fiddly to be enjoyable. It felt like upkeep was most of the gametime. I think I tried it twice, which was more than enough. The experience made me rather hesitant to try the app, honestly.


At best, you can expect to get through the physical game at 1 hour per player. 1.5 hours per player is not unusual though. 4 player games where Age IV triggers right at the start of the first player’s turn feel like they have an added extra hour of game time with some particularly AP types.

I’m happy to own the game, but I’m unlikely to play the physical version at higher than 2 player.


I’m looking for a quality asymmetric euro game. I’ve got Terra Mystica, and want something in that vein (but not Gaia Project). I was considering the Caverna expansion, but am looking for other recommendations before I buy it.


I’m not sure I can think of a single actually asymmetric euro. Anachrony, Scythe, Voyages of Marco Polo etc are all variable player powers.

Maybe Three Kingdoms Redux? Dominant Species?


You’re right, asymmetric is probably not completely accurate. Using Terra Mystica as my template, though, the way I see it is that with variable player powers, they way you play may be different. But I guess game mechanics remain the same, more or less. I’ll refine my question, then, and say that I am seeking a nice euro game with variable player powers.


Maybe something like Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North?
Worker placement with variable player powers (unique decks for each race), not sure I know exactly what a euro is.


Well, you are sort of asking for Small World. It’s obviously not heavy-Euro, but it does seem an example of what you want.

You might also try Inis, Concordia, or maybe Tzolk’in, although they don’t have variable player powers at the start. That’s the harder aspect, for my money. Battlestar Galactica is my favorite heavy game that has variable player powers from the start, but that’s not Euro.


It’s probably not a popular opinion but I really don’t like Small World. I can’t even tell you why. I own it and on paper it sound perfect but I have yet to have a good time playing it.


If you don’t mind a lot of dice rolling in your euros, Eclipse has similar asymmetrical powers to what you see in Terra Mystica. If you are considering the Caverna expansion, I’d just say get Agricola and then you have random “asymmetrical powers” every game!


I haven’t played it, but isn’t Root an asymmetrical game? I think each faction plays completely different from what I’ve seen.


It is but it’s not a euro.


Ah…I assumed it was a wargame with euro trappings and might fit. My bad.


How dare you, Dave.


Clans of Caledonia is often called “The Scottish Terra Mystica” (at least at my game days :slight_smile:).

Might be up your alley.


i have read a review calling Root “a heavy euro”.


Which review was this? I’d argue the toss over it being a wargame, but it’s not a euro. It’s not even particularly heavy.



Hmm… if you ask me it seems to be quite heavy…

…maybe that is because I am back from surgery and EVERYTHING is quite TOO heavy to lift… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thought of another game just now that might fit your craving–Vast. Disparate starting powers and certainly asymmetrical. I’m not sure I’d qualify it as absolutely Euro, but it does have some trappings of Euro. I think it might be what you want.


Still not a euro by any reasonable definition, but The Mysterious Manor seems to be an easier ride than CC.