The Actual Table


Got The Networks with the Executives expansion to the table last Sunday and it was marvelous.

I knew I loved it the first time back in December, but this play was even better.

4 players, 3 of us were within 5 points of each other.

Wonderful game!


This is one I’ve been wanting to play for a while but have yet to get the chance to do so. Maybe at SHUX!


You’re going to be at SHUX? So am I!


I’ve been to every one! Hard to say no to a con at which I can sleep in my own bed :rofl:


You’re in Vancouver? So am I!


I sure am! Feels like maybe we should play a game or two!

Speaking of playing games, today was another small 2P game day. My streak of getting crushed at 1989: Dawn of Freedom continues, as well as in Codex. I’ve also started one in Yomi, which I absolutely loved playing.

One thing that’s pretty consistent across all of these is knowing the decks and the directions you and your opponent can take them, which is where I’m definitely lacking right now. They’re also all quite different from my usual fare so the thinking required is another thing I’m having to learn.


It’s been a while, but a couple of new reviews went up in the last couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago was the That 70s Expansion for Smash Up (I can’t remember if I posted that here yet, apologies if I already have).

Yesterday was the dice/card tableau-building game called Colony. A game I enjoy but it doesn’t knock my socks off.


Learned and played City of the Big Shoulders last night. Very much not my kind of game, though my enjoyment wasn’t helped by a player doing a hostile takeover of my only company pretty early on, leaving me too cash poor to start another company and unable to do anything for the remainder of the round, which ran another 40 minutes past this point.



I especially like the oldschool 80s Metal fond they had back then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I just learned there’s an official Automa deck for Patchwork, allowing you to play this great game solo!


yeah, I’ve heard about that game, and not glowing reviews (though some people do like it).

Did you see Paul Grogan’s review of it? Devastating.


I just played Dice Throne and enjoyed it quite a bit. At its core, it is really just a Yahtzee duel with a light RPG veneer, but it it fun. I played the Gunslinger vs. Samurai set, but certainly want to try more characters now. The game is very light, but also quite fun.


I didn’t, but will take a look. It’s just not a kind of mean I’m into?


It wasn’t mean, really. Paul’s a rulebook writer (or editor), and 6 minutes of was talking about how terrible the rulebook is, with concrete examples.


I meant the game.


LOL oh! Right…I heard it can be.


Apparently this weekend was the weekend of Mage Knight. Friday evening a friend and I did the intro scenario to relearn the game as we’d last played back in the brighter days of 2012. I was itching for more, and another friend, spurred by the rules being fresh for me, wanted to play on Sunday, so we did.

This second play was a co-op scenario against Vulkare, which was a good taste of everything the game has to offer. I made some less than optimal card purchase choices which led to my being less useful in the final battles as Vulkare laid siege to our city but we came out victorious!

Now I’ve got to get myself a copy of the game because I want to play more. That digital version can’t come soon enough!


Looking forward to Sleeping Gods, which I backend. Think the misses will also love to play it with me. Final 48 hours @kickstarter.