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Welcome! And no problems posting links.

If there were, I’d have been run out a long time ago :slight_smile:


Oh man, this question just reminded me that Demons vs Wizards doesn’t really work anymore and I got sad.

EDIT: Whoa, it’s getting updates again?! Time to reinstall!


I think I’d probably go with KeyForge for wizard duels. Very accessible to an old Magic player, and I found that I wanted to buy a few decks, play a bunch, and then I was sated—the eternal chase of the CCG never materialized.

But GMT has a wizard game on P500:
Might be worth a gander. Looks a bit chaotic.


Finally got to play Spirit Island last night. Absolutely loved it and now need to get myself a copy of it.


Last night:

Railroad Ink. I like this roll and write without the expansions. Those add a complexity that takes away from the simplicity of the game for me.

Bang the Dice Game. This was a bit of a dud last night. The deduction isn’t as exciting as it sounds and the dice more or less force your decisions. There were a few funny moments but nothing that had us rushing to play again.

Werewords. This was the winner of the night because like most party games, it simply made everyone laugh often. The game itself is a little spin on the One Night Werewolf formula where everyone has to guess a secret word. It’s a fun limited information game.


I have enjoyed this so much, but so far only playing it solo.

My wife isn’t a huge fan of these sorts of co op games


Finally something new after just a couple of news posts in July.

My “New to Me Games” July edition is now up. Only two games, but one is so good that it crowds everything else out anyway.

I can’t remember if I posted my June one here (I was on vacation when it went live so may have forgotten), so here it is if you’re interested. Three games that time! Well, two games and one expansion anyway…


Learned, played, got crushed at 1989: Dawn of Freedom last night! Very cool game that shares a lot mechanically with Twilight Struggle (which I’m hoping to play soon).


I have that on my P500 list. Looks like a great game


This isn’t digital news, which is why I didn’t post this in the Journalism thread (should I have?), but Cryptozoic has a deckbuilding version of their Epic Spells Wars series coming out in the Fall.

Anybody played those?

They are madcap and chaotic and in your face kind of vulgar (not too bad, but I wouldn’t want a 10-year-old playing them), but they’re kind of fun.


Learned and played two games of Hadara last night. Pretty neat game which definitely has some 7 Wonders DNA to it, though I think I do like it better than 7 Wonders (Duel notwithstanding). Bit of a twist on card drafting, with some tableau building. All in all worth a play.



Since I’ve got stacks of the first 100 or 200 White Dwarf magazines on my desk at work, I’ve started taking shots of the covers underneath the “WA” in dwarf, when it looks like the character below it is yelling WAAAAAA.

It may be my new favourite thing.

(some examples)


How is this simultaneously shit and great.


The Internetstocrats!


Oh, also, this is pretty much the only acceptable use case for Twitter, I think, so you should start an account for this.


I’ve been dropping them as I go on my normal twitter. Once it becomes “A thing” i’ll probably end up hating it and abandoning it.

I’m just using it to make downtime while waiting on a new game build more bearable.



Had a nice small board game night last night.

Learned Bargain Quest, which I think may be the first board game to be directly inspired by video games like Recettear. Adventurers come to your shop, you sell them your wares and they fight enemies in the dungeon. If they survive, they get more money to spend at your shop. You also get renown (VPs) for your equipment allowing them to do damage to the enemies. All in all a pretty light game but there are some nice mechanics at play and deciding whether a hero should succeed or not to maximize your profits leads to some interesting decisions.

Also finally got In Front of the Elevators to the table which is a fairly light game in which you are trying to position members of your family so they are able to board the elevators. Each elevator has room for a set number of people and you play cards to manipulate the order of people in line. Very quick to play but with some very fun decisions to make. Our play from the first round was very different from later rounds as we realized some things.

Also taught Blend Coffee Lab (same designer as Elevators) which is a great trick taking game in which you are trying to brew the perfect cup of coffee. I’d last tried to teach these friends late at night midway through a con and it didn’t go well, to say the least. Glad I was finally able to teach it to them and it was a hit!



And since the German Edition started publishing later / had different content they had different cover pictures as well…sooo…endless possibilities?

Bad quality but bonus points for depicting the most badass moment of all the movies in the LotR franchise…
I still get goosebumps at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm involving the Balrog…also brilliant use of the Soundtrack in that scene…

If that isn’t a perfect WAAAAAAAAAAA…then I don’t know what world you are living in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: