The Actual Table


We played two new games last night with our local couple friends (the wine / cheese / cured meats / conversation / board games / kids asleep version of a raging time in my mid/late 30’s).

I think the first one was “welcome to the neighbourhood” where you built a suburb on your own piece of paper, from central car flops. It was basically maths, and pure awesome.

The second was one of the most beautiful games I have seen hit the table in a long time - Wingspan. Gorgeous engine builder / point scorer based on birds. All American birds so no kookaburras or Willy wag tails, but I had only one goal - find the bald eagle. I wasn’t certain there was one, but after a bottle of wine, I was convinced that there was and it would be game changing.

So I set about building a wetlands line that cycled hard and dug deep.

Spoiler alert - there is a bald eagle, bad news was I didn’t hit it. Worse news was that it wasn’t as game breaking as I expected.

Gorgeous game, well recommended


Welcome To… is a great game! I like what they did to make it work with cards, rather than simply using dice, which wouldn’t be quite the same.


I’m my sole experience with the bald eagle, I drew it from the start and held it all game with the intent to use it, but it never made it into my aviary.

Wingspan is awesome.


Now to start campaigning for the complete Golem Trilogy!


That’s awesome!

And now I’m slightly disappointed I went the spice trader route.


I posted my June “New to Me” games post.

Not as many as usual, but still some good ones.


Junk Art has been a good solid hit. We’ve had nothing but fun with it, including some very unlikely structures. The various rules to the different cities the game offers for a world tour are great, switching between real time, drafting, push your luck, trick taking, take that, and several other mechanics. The versatility on show is what keeps it interesting.

Chaosmos has been another good one for us recently, and Legends Untold has provided us with a dungeon crawl that’s not punishing in terms of weight, but offers a reliable challenge.


Many years ago I got rid of my Pirates of the Spanish Main collection - probably to the trash - and I really regret it. I bought two packs for double their worth and opened them up with my son. The game itself is just a bit too fiddly and not all that great, but those models were really cool. I wish that game hadn’t died.


My problem was how fragile they were. If you risk breaking that awesome rare every time you play with it, you get all the horror of earlier Magic for ante without ever bringing home a cool prize (which be thematically appropriate).


I used the dice as damage counters rather than messing around with the ship pieces. Once built I never messed with the ships too much and never found them overly fragile.


I am not coordinated. I broke probably 10% of my ships the first time I assembled them, which scared me off buying more.


Played Wingspan again last night, few wines in. I thought - I am smashing this! Getting round bonuses, 10 birds on the board, bucketload of eggs, and then… I came last. How the…?

Anyways, makes me want to play again!!!


I would suggest more wine before your next play.



It is one of the lightest roll and write games I’ve played but what a great, quick game for just about any mix of gamers or non-gamers of all ages.