Terra Mystica 4P "Transformer's Pick" Challenge


Totally up to you.


If you guys are good with 5, invite me and @duckworp, otherwise just take duckworp this time.


Is chat not working in game? I hit the chat button and I don’t get a keyboard.


it’s ok for me.


Well played all. A close game at the top. First time for engineers for me and I found them tough. I’d be up for another if room for me.


grats to @irishdomer08 on a solid win!
i’ll go to the waiting list for taking a break.


Very excited to finally win one of these! GG all!

Who is up for another? So far myself and duckworp.

:pick: :racing_car::microscope::baby_chick::microscope::microscope::aries::game_die::aries::baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick::game_die::hatching_chick::aries::baby_chick::microscope:


Well played! I will sit this one out though…


I will get back in if you use the factions from the expansion


Great win @irishdomer08!
I’ll jump in to the next game.


Sorry for the delay in starting this. RL got in the way. Fire and Ice invite out:



Good game. Well played! Those expansion factions are a mystery to me but you played it well.


Here here!.
Great win Mike! @irishdomer08



:pick::racing_car: :racing_car::microscope::baby_chick::microscope::microscope::aries::game_die::aries::baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick::game_die::hatching_chick::aries::baby_chick::microscope:

Here are the final screenshots


Who is up for another one?


Yes please!


Still on the fence about this game but agree with @JammaTal that there’s no better way to figure that out than to play a challenge game. Please add me to the list! :brain:


One more out there to give us a 4p game?


Yeah, pick me.


@Codington friend invite sent your way. Once you accept I’ll setup our game