Terra Mystica 4P "Transformer's Pick" Challenge

We are underway

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FYI, I’m out of town for a while. Will resume turns when I can… sorry for the pause in the game!
@irishdomer08 @Baelnor @duckworp

I had forgotten how much I both like and dislike this game.

It always has this feeling of never having enough time or resources to achieve anything!

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a trademark of a good boardgame :smirk:
esp Feld games are great in generating this feeling.

So the game ended.

:pick: :baby_chick::racing_car::racing_car: :microscope: :baby_chick::microscope::microscope::aries::game_die::aries::baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick::game_die::hatching_chick::aries::baby_chick::microscope:

Who is up for another?


I will play if the expansion is used.

I will go again, invite :slight_smile:

I waa happy with second!

take me in, please. if there is still a slot open.

but what is the ranking order of the waiting list?

I’ll play

The wait list has got lost.
The last game was baelnor, irishdomer and coddington.
The first two are happy to play again. @jason1002 only wants to play with the expansion and I don’t have that so the four to play are:

Jason is top of the wait list if expansion played.

I will set a game up.

Game set up

@JammaTal to play.

@Baelnor - your turn on the TM game.

@Baelnor, your turn for a long time. do you want to go on?
just wondering.

@irishdomer08 your turn in TM. you have timed out.

you are up in TM. This game is taking a crazy amount of time - I have had 3 turns in the whole of January I think - any chance we can play turns more regularly?

Sorry guys, I am simply not getting any notifications for it!

@Baelnor, this is a handmade notification :upside_down_face:
your turn now.

You legend :). I actually got it today, so go figure

glad to hear that game-made notifications are back for you.

btw for Terraforming Mars we keep notifying each other in an extra iMessage thread called “TFM notifications only”.
best way to handle games with suboptimal notification system.
(TFM sends notifications since last update, but does not tell for which game. so playing in 3 games can be a pain because of very long loading times.)