Terra Mystica 4P "Transformer's Pick" Challenge


Yes, on the wait list please.


hello @JMH.75, it’s your turn to pick your people for some time.


Sry, I did not get any notification.


exactly what i had presumed, and the reason why i have sent the message.


The latest game has finished.
@irishdomer08 :race_car:
@Hardco :hatching_chick:
@JHTaube :microscope:
@duckworp :baby_chick:

And in a second unexpected turn of events, I was able to claim victory using the Swarmy “things are more expensive” faction. Even with the fewest claimed tiles (just 8) I was able to track with the round-by-round bonuses and claim enough points from the cult tracks. At one point @JammaTal stole a planned expansion site out from under me, but perhaps vertical expansion rather than horizontal is better suited for these creatures anyway? Well played by all!

TerraForming Victory Record:
:pick: :microscope::microscope::aries::game_die::aries::baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick::game_die::hatching_chick::aries::baby_chick::microscope:

Next challenge game is:

@JHTaube :microscope:
@irishdomer08 :race_car:
@duckworp :baby_chick:
@jason1002 :game_die:

Wait list:


Good game. My 2 halfling towns were cut off from each other because of my opponents, never to meet and form a network.

Please add me to next game.



Game over, thanks for the game all.

:pick: :baby_chick::microscope::microscope::aries::game_die::aries::baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick::game_die::hatching_chick::aries::baby_chick::microscope:

Who is on the wait list now?


@JammaTal, @JMH.75, @jason1002, Are you all up for the next TM game?


Oh sure but I am not picking the Engineers this time. It’s been awhile since I got that low of a score. I don’t know what happened.

Feel free to add the expansion to our game, to give more faction choices.


I’m ready :grinning:


We need one more:
@irishdomer08 or @JammaTal or @JHTaube or @robthomasson…anyone want to be the fourth?


I’ll play another round!


I’m out for this round but I’d like to play in a few weeks


same for me.



Game has started. Good luck!


That’s a wrap! I managed to hit most of the round-bonus scoring opportunities to eke out a win.
@duckworp’s Giants certainly spread far and wide but I opted to not compete at all for largest settlement and go for the cult tracks instead.


:pick: :microscope::baby_chick::microscope::microscope::aries::game_die::aries::baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick::game_die::hatching_chick::aries::baby_chick::microscope:

@JammaTal and @irishdomer08 wanted in to the next round, do we have a 4th?


Well played @JHTaube. I’ll gladly be a fourth if you are all ok for me to play again straight after.


Good with me.
But I will give @Hardco a 24 window to tap in if he wants.


I’m torn… Last game I was in took 2 months, which was way too long to keep me engaged. You guys seem to have it down to a month though, so I’m tempted. It may be contradictory, but I’m willing to play 5p, or you can put me on the wait list.