Stately Switch Games


Yes, yes you do. :smile:



Money is a bit tight currently, and some ripples and quakes running down Mt. Backlog are frightening me very much…

I totally use the non-justification of waiting for an improved Switch 2.0 release in my head-canon…nod…Yes that sounds way less depressing…



And another one for you esteemed gentlefolk; best 3-4 player games for players including a 5 and 7 year old? I know you lot have sproglodytes, and the new gf has two which I need to accommodate.


Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Mario Party have been on constant rotation for my young clan (7/5/5). They rarely let daddy play, as daddy beats them.

Shrugs - I can’t wait til they have me covered and it is hard to win again!


Smash Bros. is as good as it gets. Mario Kart is great, too.


Got Mario Kart. Unfortunately I’m far, far too good at it as I’ve been playing it for more than 30 years. So I definitely need something a little more scrappy and random.


Then you definitely need Smash Bros.


Agreed—Smash Bros. Arms is good, too, but unless you need more than one fighting game, Smash is the random-enough option that’ll suit that age range best.

I’m interested in Crystal Crisis, as I’ve quite fond memories of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, so that might be worth a look, as well. But I haven’t tried it yet, so can’t comment from personal experience.

I found Snipperclips moderately interesting, but exacting enough to be frustrating even for my 9-year-old. Wouldn’t recommend for your needs.


Sure enough, my Joy-Con and Pro Controllers had an update. It’s entirely possible that I might have gotten a “nag” alert from my Switch, but I went ahead and updated the controllers after updating to Version 9, by following the steps in this article:

PSA: Remember To Update Your Joy-Con And Pro Controllers Today, As Well As Your Switch


So, Phantom Doctrine on Switch is now just a ten-spot? That sounds very good.


Only your third? Pretty sure this will be my 6th…I mean 7th.

No, I’m not kidding.

Can’t wait to see how it looks on my new 65” OLED.


FF X is an excellent choice.
my favorite, and i have played them all.
have played through it thrice, just for fun and to see the ultimate ending.


I think the “What is the best Final Fantasy” is a completely unanswerable question. I, myself, am not sure. I quite like IX, but just about any of them V-X could be at the top of my list. X certainly has a shot at the top spot with me.


I have to be honest, FFX was a big disappointment for me. Tried several times and could never get more than a few hours in. I like the base gameplay but the story and characters were just so boring and grating. My least favorite of the series.


Yes, the game takes a while to get going (but which FFs don’t) and not all of the characters are the best of FF design. Still, all it’s strengths, especially once the game really picks up pace, outweigh these negatives for me. I won’t argue with your early assessment, though.


To be fair, both 6 and 7 definitely don’t have an issue of starting out slow. Those two are still my favorites, for all their wrinkles.

Still and all, Tactics uber alles.


I have found that the story heavy, slower start for FFX has been really good for getting a 7yo into the game. She really wants more story, and less fighting anyway.


Hmm…I say this out of complete love for the series, but you really don’t think FFVII starts out slow? You’re in Midgar with a limited party forever!


I was thinking more from a story standpoint. It starts out fast and doesn’t really slow down for quite a while.