Stately Play Decathlon 2021

Hi everyone!

We are gearing up for another Stately Play Decathlon - 10 great async mobile board games in (roughly) 10 months! This is your chance to sign up and also to see what games we will play, etc. Please indicate/confirm your interest with a reply here.

The first matchups will be announced Jan 1, 2021 so sign up soon!

As in previous Decathlons, we will play at “tables” of 3 players. In the case of 2 player only games, each pairing will play each other once. Points will be rewarded based on the outcome of the games, with overall winner(s) of the Decathlon being decided by total points accumulated over the ten games.

Table groups will be determined based on standings to that point (top players will play each other.)

Changes from the last Decathlon:

  • The 10th game will be voted on somewhere around the start of the 8th game to allow for new releases to be considered

  • Scoring will be 5/3/1 (or 0 if someone chooses to sit out a game :frowning: )

(@Neumannium - you’re guaranteed 10 points! :wink: )

Tie-break for each game will be determined by the apps as usual. Tie-break for the standings of the Decathlon will be # of first place finishes and falling back to a second tie-break of record against the other player.

Here are the games, in order of play:

Star Realms
Lords of Waterdeep
Castles of Burgundy

Through the Ages
Race for the Galaxy
Terraforming Mars
Ticket to Ride
“People’s Choice” (To Be Determined)

I think that’s it, but feel free to ask for any additional details, of course!

Here’s who has indicated interest so far: (note that we could use a 21st player!)



@Codington this is great! Thanks so much for driving.

I have one suggestion though (this would not be a group of gamers if someone did not try to rules lawyer in here somewhere :grin: ) I think we need to commit to starting the vote for the 10th game at the start of say Game 7 with the intent that we have decided it before the end of that round. If it is a new game, some of us might need time to learn it.



Thanks for organizing! Looking forward to playing.

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LOL, did the same thing on my iPad yesterday. :+1:t2:


Thanks for setting this up … I look forward to starting strong with Star Realms and getting progressively worse the rest of the way.

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Thanks for organizing!

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I’m down to play if you will have me!?!?!?


Welcome to Stately Play! We are happy to have you in the community and the decathlon!


Thanks so much! Hopefully I can provide some decent competition.

Welcome, @HostileApostle!

Looking for some practice games of Sagrada. I know how to play! That’s about all.


Looks like I’ll need to learn Castles of Burgundy and Terraforming Mars later.

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Let’s try to get 3 player game, I am also brand new to this game. Sent you a friend invite. but for anyone else to add me I am kennfusion+1045

I’ve setup a game with @kennfusion and @JMH.75

FYI, you setup games from your friend list instead of the Online part.

I’m happy to play Sagrada. Have a half dozen or so games under my belt between tabletop and the iOS app.

I’m Codington+3619 in this and all DireWolf games.

Anyone up for a game of Lords of Waterdeep to refresh? It’s been a while.
JHTaube there and jhtaube+5104 in Sagrada.

I’m doublebullout on LoW.

I’m whovian223+7631 on Sagrada (also posted in the new thread)

I started a new discussion thread for practice games.

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